SoundCloud SoundCloud Local: Seattle

Photo taken by bryce_edwards, found on Flickr

We’re giving the microphone to a musical city from the pacific west coast of North America. This SoundCloud Local feature, we’re letting Seattle, USA, show us what they got!

A producer/artist living in Seattle, who primarily works from a down tempo or house influence, but still finds himself experimenting and working in every genre that catches his fancy, whether it be garage rock, trance or hip-hop! He’s a passionate SoundCloud member and is willing to collaborate as well!

Yuni In Taxco
Yuni In Taxco formed in the fall of 2009 after escaping the grey skies of Seattle for the beaches of Mexico. They’re influenced by the Beach Boys era of psychedelia. Right now, they’re currently turning heads in Seattle with their swirling blend of world rhythms and surf pop. Check ’em out!

Vervex is a guy from Seattle making his own tracks, samples and recordings all by himself. He’s a big fan of Ableton Live and produces all his tracks from that program. If you like what you hear below, don’t be afraid to share it with a friend or two, and of course, follow him over on the ‘Cloud.

Jazzyspoon doesn’t like to stick to one genre when creating music. All his tracks have a little bit of something else in them so if you’re not into the first track you hear, you may feel the second, third, fourth or even seventh! Go on and check out this Seattle-based artist!

Alliedee is Alison Doyle, or better known as the moniker Cascadian. You may remember her from last November, when she was our SoundClouder of the Day. She started to play the piano and guitar at a young age, and is very talented. Get lost in some of her tracks below!

If you’re a user based in Seattle, please join the SoundCloud Local Seattle group and submit your tracks — we would love to hear them! Also, we hope some of you got to attend the meetup last night in Seattle! If you missed it, keep your eyes peeled for another on!

Looking for some more music from Seattle? Check out!

To everyone who attended a SoundCloud meetup in your area yesterday, thanks so much for coming out and getting together! Maybe you will see a couple of familiar faces in the next SoundCloud Local :)