David Thank You. Three. Million. Times.

3 Million. 3,000,000. Three Million.

Wow. Yesterday, the day when thousands of SoundCloud users all over the world met for the Global Meetup Day to create locally and share globally, we were more than thrilled to welcome our 3 millionth user to the fast-growing SoundCloud community, just little less than 100 days after reaching two million users.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand (three million?) words. The photo below was taken by douglasfugazi at the SoundCloud Meetup in Medellin, Colombia. We can’t tell you how much it means the world to us to see our community grow and meet in person in so many different places across the planet.

I attended the Meetup in New York City and everybody I spoke to had so many nice things to say about SoundCloud and how it has helped them move their sounds across the web.

Read what people have been tweeting all day about the meetups and watch Tim Exile’s live production session, using sounds you sent him via SoundCloud and the Record button:

Oh, and Manchester meetup attendees checked in with a little Heloooo and We Love You last night:

Thank you, three million times, for making SoundCloud what it is today. Without you, this would not be possible.

  • rock on soundcloud! the Glasgow meetup was really cool too

  • Anonymous

    Had a great time at the NYC Meetup!!! Was great chatting with the fellow SoundClouders….exchanging ideas, and having some laughs…can’t wait for the next one….soundcloud.com/djmarvilous

  • hey guys, i’m douglasfugazi . The description about of picture taken is bad. The soundcloud’s picture in the top was taken on Soundcloud Meetup Medellin, Colombia. Not was really on Cordoba, Argentina ;)

    But anyways, it is not a problem. Congratulations for all crew of Soundcloud, really was a amazing support with all your community. I’m happy and waiting for next! :)

    cheers from Colombia!

  • Cool :)

  • Congrats! Here’s to the next 3 million.

  • The soundcloud Philly meetup was a success and will be repeated. 3 Mil in 33 months, soundcloud’s going exponential!

  • the soundcloud meetup in Nicosia, Cyprus was great! we met lots of local dj’s and producers, and it’s all thanks to soundcloud!

  • Thanks for checking in, Joe!

    I’ll be in SF 2/28-3/9 and would love to meet. david@

  • Thanks Douglas, we changed it. Sorry about the mix-up! Great photo.

  • David, I would love to get together for coffee or a drink when you’re in SF.
    Let me know a few days that work for you once you nail down your travel

  • Excellent! Sent you an email the other day

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