This Week in Tumblr: Broombeck, REM, Global Meetup Day, 3 million users, and more

This Week in Tumblr: Broombeck, REM, Global Meetup Day, 3 million users, and more

In addition to reaching three million registered users last week, we also had other exciting things happen on the SoundCloud Tumblr blog. Check some of them out below!


  • Remix German techno master, Broombeck‘s track “Tik Tik Tak Boom”, and win a Pro account. Hear the track below and head over here to get the stems!


  • Wanna remix REM? Like a REM-ix? If you answered yes, head to REMhq to download the stems for the song “It Happened Today”, from R.E.M.’s new record Collapse Into Now. There’s a SoundCloud group for you to upload your results as well!


  • Global Meetup Day happened! Thanks to everyone who participated, took pictures, videos and collaborated! Check out all the recordings that made it on to our SoundCloud Meetup Map!


  • We’re at 3 million registered users! Yay! Thanks to everyone for all their support — read our full thanks here!
  • APEXvj was TheFWA‘s Site of the Day last Thursday. APEXvj visualizes your tunes online, and this includes SoundCloud tunes! So you can check out your tracks or your favorites with very cool graphics. Check APEXvj here or head to our App Gallery!


  • Watch the stream from the London meetup last week and see Tim Exile live-mix samples from all over the world.

Thanks for reading! Check out the blog this week to see what’s hot!

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