Highlights From Global Meetup Day

Highlights From Global Meetup Day

Wow what a fantastic day: for SoundCloud’s Global Meetup Day, more than a thousand SoundClouders attended over sixty meetups around the world. Every single meetup was unique in one way or another with attendances varying from a dozen into the hundreds. Thanks everyone for participating! It was truly amazing to see that many different gatherings unfold, it was actually quite thrilling to see so many SoundClouders meet in real life all around the world. We thought it’d be fun to share some of the amazing things we’ve seen from that day. Take a moment to dive in, let us know what you think in the comments and visit SoundCloud Meetup Map for the sounds of global meetups.


Created the backing track for their meetup podcast:


Featured Tim Exile’s interactive LiveJam, using the samples you sent him via SoundCloud!


Promoted their SoundCloud Colombia group as a great place to share their own music and learn of new talents.


Kicked off 64barmusic project, including discussing future monthly events to highlight local artists.

San Francisco

Featured an interesting live act:


Had a producer showcase along with a live mix.


Held a production lecture and finished with Chinese New Years’ celebrations.

New York City

Emanuel And The Fear performed an acoustic session:

Quick interview with Calvin Williams aka cdubny

Quick interview with 88-keys


Live jammed and exchanged tips.


Met with the desire create something for all of South America.



Gathered at a book & music store.

Hong Kong

Introductory seminar at the Hong Kong Social Media Week to show how to share music online.


Held workshops where they created tracks in groups.



Held seminars and played the attendees own music.

Newcastle Upon Tyne

Played live & discussed potential future collaborations for Newcastle SoundClouders.


Cooperated with a Greater Boston festival for showcasing music, art and technology.


Had a couple of presentations along with several live acts.


Produced, jammed, recorded and mixed.


Met in a local radio station and created a mashup of everyone’s tracks:


A couple of improvisational performers brought circuit bending equipment and did live recordings, which was then remixed:

Second Life

Started by SoundClouders who couldn’t attend a meetup near their area but still wanted to join in on the fun. Totally awesome!

If you missed out, don’t worry, there are a couple of upcoming meetups and you can always organize your own here:

Moscow (February 26)

Birmingham (February 27)

Tokyo (March 4)

Geneva (March 5)

Chicago (March 9)

Seattle (March 9)

San Francisco (March 24)

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