SoundCloud Local: São Paulo

SoundCloud Local: São Paulo

Photo taken by Diego_3336, found on Flickr

This Thursday, we’re tuning into the largest city in Brazil and the southern hemisphere, better known as São Paulo! Check out the five different artists we found.

Leonardo Bardassi (aka Onbit) started producing electronic music in 1998 and since then, has been part of three different music projects. He’s always researching new music styles to influence him. His project Onbit, founded in 2007, is a mix of techno, house and experimentalism. Check it out!

Bruno Palazzo
Bruno Palazzo is a visual artist working with sound and vision. He spends most of his time creating sounds and mixing them up for the screen. Take a peek behind-the-scenes of his music and see how some of these sounds are created here and listen to his tracks below.

Described as Brazilian Groove, Ruspo has some nice tunes for you to listen to. If you like what you hear and are feeling generous, he accepts donations in mostly instruments, to be specific: a secondhand Akai MPD32. If you don’t have one and still like what you hear, feel free to follow him at the link below.

Looking for some straight-up rock music? Look no further, MindFlow is here! The band has a new album called Destructive Device, which they describe as an album packed with socially critical ideology. You can hear for yourself and check out their tracks in the player below.

AZm & B is a project created by a producer, adventuring in the art of multimedia that is video, image, sound, behavior, and feelings. Edo Belleza is the man behind the project and he’s unifying all his knowledge and applying a continuous experimentation.

Itching for some more music from São Paulo? Check out

If you’re based in São Paulo, please join the SoundCloud Local São Paulo group and submit your tracks — we wanna hear ‘em!

Calling all SoundCloud users: check out to see if a SoundCloud event is coming your way, or start your own! Take a look at our SoundCloud Local features to see if your area has been under the spotlight already. Either way, keep your eyes peeled for next week’s SoundCloud Local city!

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