This week’s SoundClouders of the Day

This week’s SoundClouders of the Day

We had SoundClouders from Glasgow, Dublin, Finland, New Zealand and Littleton, USA, this week! Hear them all below.

Experimenting with sounds from progressive hip hop to melodic soundscapes, Kyle Vicory is a musician who hits a side of electronic music in ways only few explore. Check it out!

Mass Distraction
A collaborator and producer based in Dublin, Ireland, is Mass Distraction! He doesn’t like sticking to one genre and is influenced by Sufjan Stevens, The Eagles, Blonde Redhead and much, much more. Hear it for yourself!

A guitarist, composer and music educator from Finland is Audacom. He specializes in fusion and progressive rock, and began making music in the eighties. Now, he’s a teacher of electric and classical guitar.

Birds of Passage
Based in New Zealand, Alicia Merz is Birds of Passage. She’s fundraising so she can tour Europe and play all her haunting tunes. You can also preorder her debut record, Without the World. Learn more at the link below.

Sefiros is the performing pseudonym of Bryan Henderson, a Scottish musician who mainly creates electronic music in genres such as post-orchestral electronica, ambient, industrial, 8-bit, and more.

That’s all for now! Here’s a link to the group where all our SoundClouders of the Day reside.

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