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SoundCloud Our SoundClouders of the Day this week

February’s flying by! Each week, we have five new SoundClouders of the Day for you. Here are the five we chose this week:

On Valentine’s Day, we posted some lovely jazz music from Sunray*, a father-son duo from Palm City, USA. Their sound is constantly expanding – so check it out below!


Anders Bjørn Rørbæk Pedersen is Audiolog, a Copenhagen-based techno producer. His style is inspired by old-school industrial to modern techno and house. Check out his style!

Greg Gibbs
A home-recorder/songwriter living in Chicago who likes to put up his tracks as free downloads is the one and only, Greg Gibbs! Hear – and download – his music below.

Thursday’s SoundClouder of the Day was a folktronica project infused with lots of great things that your ears will love. The project is called LoFeye and you can check it out in the player below.


Frequent People
Frequent People are an Australian band, now writing and producing in London. Their debut album was released in 2010 worldwide along with a top 10 club hit called, “Superhero”.


To hear all our SoundClouders of the Day, check out the group here!

SoundCloud SoundCloud Local: Cape Town

Photo taken by Marc_Smith, found on Flickr

We virtually welcome you to Cape Town, South Africa, and its wonderful SoundCloud users! Have a listen to the diverse range we found below.

Mad Piper
Here’s a psytrance project of Finnish-born producer, Peter Lehto, called Mad Piper. Peter is an up-and-coming artist currently living in Cape Town. His music incorporates powerful basslines mixed with melodic leads, resulting in a fresh production. Check out his tunes below and get your body moving.

aKING is a melodic pop rock band that formed when Hunter Kennedy and Jaco Venter teamed up with friends, Laudo Liebenberg and Hennie van Halen. They joined their creative forces together and made some music that expresses their shared experiences and influences.

Restive is an experimental electronic project, which started in 2004 and is based in Cape Town. So far, all works from Restive are available online with selected releases on a fair amount of netlabels (you can see all the netlabels by clicking the link below). Get a little lost in Restive’s music as well!

Slab of Misuse
As a beat and sample master, Slab of Misuse is a SoundCloud user who likes to lay low. He’s an unsigned artist based in Cape Town. He uploads music to SoundCloud on a regular basis, so feel free to follow him at the link below for more new tracks that you can groove to.

Tamsin M
Tamsin M has been singing for years and has taken her music along with her on many of her travels and incarnations as an artist. She’s a singer-songwriter, actor and film maker, and she comes from the beautiful city of Cape Town! Her passion as a storyteller lives through all these mediums.

Looking for some more music from Cape Town? Check out

If you’re a user based in Cape Town, please join the SoundCloud Local Cape Town group and submit your tracks — we wanna hear ’em!

Also, keep your eyes peeled for a meetup on — you can even start your own! Same thing applies to SoundCloud users all over the world. is a great place to organize a gathering in your area.

Stay tuned for next week’s SoundCloud Local city!

SoundCloud This Week in Tumblr: Broombeck, REM, Global Meetup Day, 3 million users, and more

In addition to reaching three million registered users last week, we also had other exciting things happen on the SoundCloud Tumblr blog. Check some of them out below!


  • Remix German techno master, Broombeck‘s track “Tik Tik Tak Boom”, and win a Pro account. Hear the track below and head over here to get the stems!


  • Wanna remix REM? Like a REM-ix? If you answered yes, head to REMhq to download the stems for the song “It Happened Today”, from R.E.M.’s new record Collapse Into Now. There’s a SoundCloud group for you to upload your results as well!


  • Global Meetup Day happened! Thanks to everyone who participated, took pictures, videos and collaborated! Check out all the recordings that made it on to our SoundCloud Meetup Map!


  • We’re at 3 million registered users! Yay! Thanks to everyone for all their support — read our full thanks here!
  • APEXvj was TheFWA‘s Site of the Day last Thursday. APEXvj visualizes your tunes online, and this includes SoundCloud tunes! So you can check out your tracks or your favorites with very cool graphics. Check APEXvj here or head to our App Gallery!


  • Watch the stream from the London meetup last week and see Tim Exile live-mix samples from all over the world.

Thanks for reading! Check out the blog this week to see what’s hot!