Here’s Why We Love The SoundCloud & Vimeo Communities

Here’s Why We Love The SoundCloud & Vimeo Communities

On my trip to New York City three weeks ago, I was lucky to meet the Community Management team at Vimeo, the community of creative people who are passionate about sharing the videos they make. We bounced around a few ideas and Steve asked us to send him a few tracks we like and that they could use for a Weekend Project they were planning. Fast-forward today, and we’ve got a nice little story to share with you all, proof for the power, beauty and fascination about how online communities can work together across borders.

Ready? But first, click play on the player below, because the track is what this post is about:

From the list of tracks we sent Steve, he selected Vanchy‘s Catching The Simple But Happy Days, a beautiful electronica road trip anthem your are listening to right now. In a blog post just before last weekend, Steve asked the Vimeo community to create a video for Vanchy’s track for a chance to win both a Vimeo Plus and SoundCloud Lite account.

In just a few days, members of the Vimeo community created nothing short of 85 videos for Vanchy’s track – quite impressive to say the least. And according to Steve, this was a record contribution for any Weekend Project to date. Then on Monday, the Vimeo Staff announced a winner and a runner-up, you can watch both videos and read Steve’s comments below.

Our winner today is Weldon Byrns with his piece Seven to Eight. It’s a nostalgic and endearing tribute to his son growing up.

Our runner-up is Trixie Barretto with her video, Sydney’s reactions to Vanchy, where she goes around town to show off Vanchy’s sweet tunes!

This is impressive, makes us so so happy and puts a big smile on our faces. Nice work, everyone.

Oh and last night on our way to the San Francisco meetup, we interviewed Vanchy about the project and make sure to watch his own contribution to the Weekend Project:

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