David Create & Share (Even) More Easily

Just insane – uhm – just in time for SXSW, we’re releasing a couple of awesome new features to SoundCloud. And this time we have updates all across the board, making it even easier for you to share the sounds you’ve created. Let’s hear what the Weatherman has lined up for you:

On the menu for you today we have:

1. Login with Facebook

This one probably doesn’t need too much of an introduction as we’re sure you’ve seen and used it before for other services. SoundCloud now supports the ability to sign up or log in using your Facebook credentials. For people you’re sharing your sounds with, this will make it easier and more streamlined for them to sign up for a SoundCloud account in order to leave a comment on one of your tracks or add it to their favorites. Sign up and log in are currently only possible on the web version but we’ll be following up by enabling this in our mobile apps and any third-party app using a SoundCloud connection very soon.

2. SoundCloud Apps: Android, iPhone and Desktop

Head over to the app stores to update because we’ve refreshed all our apps: besides many bug fixes and streaming improvements, these are the new additions:

Android & iPhone: both apps now let you check in to Foursquare when uploading a new recording. Also, browse through followers and followings for any user profile to find more great SoundClouders

Android: post and view comments, share to Twitter & Facebook and via email, choose from two nifty widgets for your homescreen

Desktop: improved playlist creation, share private tracks via email, public tracks to your networks, drag & drop urls into the app

3. SoundCloud Mobile

Today, we’re also launching a mobile version of the site for other smartphones and tablets. When on your web-enabled mobile phone, head over to http://m.soundcloud.com to see the mobile version of SoundCloud in action. This first version allows you to play and find tracks, explore users and browse tags with plenty more functionality on its way. Pretty neat.

4. Songkick integration

And last but not least, with this Songkick integration, we’re making it easy for performers to add upcoming tour dates to their SoundCloud account. To enable Songkick on your profile, paste the url to your Songkick artist account in the You On The Web section of your account settings and three of your upcoming performances will be displayed on your profile.

So that’s it for today – make sure to check back as we’ll be posting a set of more detailed blog posts about the features we announced today right here on the blog starting next week.

In the meantime, if you’re headed to Austin for SXSW, safe travels and happy arrivals. And finally – as always – let us know what you think in the comments, you know we love your feedback.

  • Thanks, team SoundCloud. This is a huge release… again. ;)

  • Love it!

  • Keidrac


  • George

    Please let us have access to our sc inbox to reply/read,etc..

  • These are great new features. However, it would be nice if the widget/ player worked properly. Whenever I share a track on Facebook, clicking on it opens a new tab. I don’t want to add something to the end of the URL to reset the cache or whatever, that’s not what I pay for. The neat and pretty widget/ player thingy in Facebook is one of the main reasons we use SoundCloud, much less pay what is rather a lot for a Pro account.

  • James – thanks for the feedback! The Facebook issue you’re describing is
    something we don’t have much influence over as it is caused by Facebook
    caching, not us. The workaround with the “?!” at the end of the url solves
    this and doesn’t really affect the user experience for someone checking out
    your work.

  • Hey James, are you using the https enabled version of Facebook? If yes that’s the reason why players aren’t showing up. We are working on a fix for this!

  • Dave Kites2

    How about a search function that lets me find tracks over 20 mins long? Filtered by whether they are downloadable or not? Allowing me to sort results by different criteria such as no of comments?

  • Soundcloud launches new features in time for SXSW – Facebook, Smartphone Apps, Mobile & Songkick… “Create & Share (Even) More Easily”

  • Man this is just awesome! Im very happy with all the updates, and features that now embrace the sound that moves this earth. Major Props from the 504 of New Orleans Louisiana.


  • Money360

    Soundcloud has a vast array of Musical talent that covers the Planet! Debo KneeDeep Ent. glad I chose this platform to display the talent that represents Chicago!

  • Twicethehype

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  • Become a fan of Twice the Hype at http://www.reverbnation.com/twicethehype

  • thanks for great usefull list

  • awesome!

  • Thanks God for this, was just surfin’ around with my iphone. Great stuff, and also thanks for a mobile version.




    MAN U GAY!!!

  • kion

    brilliant updates!

  • Shiu413

    Awesome, soundcloud just keeps getting better!

  • Sesto aviram

    good morning world, take the tour to The 8th Note’s music !

  • Such love for soundcloud, it’s helped me get my music out so much easier

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  • the cloud is the best portal for musicains!

  • NRS

    we want mooore !

  • Anonymous

    why isn’t it able to log in with vz net?

    vz.net is germans greatest socialnetwork and i think soundcloud should include the “vz net login” :


    In fact, soundcloud should work with vz net, both based in berlin, come on!


    Thanks for all and please make sure that you include better spam options ( I’ll send some ideas to marie ).


  • e-un

    sounds good to me

  • Chriscreque

    there should be a search option for finding whose number 1 on SC for track plays, profile visits, and most followed. unless there is one and i just havent found it

  • Chriscreque

    there should be a search option for finding whose number 1 on SC for track plays, profile visits, and most followed. unless there is one and i just havent found it

  • Keep up the good work guys.


  • Become a fan of Twice the Hype at http://www.reverbnation.com/twicethehype

  • Yumenomado

    Lost In Transcoding and “this file is too hot for us” are some issues which haven’t been fixed it seems.

  • Djdandollar
  • Sound Cloud looks pretty cool with its new updates….

  • Djdandollar
  • Toby Stafford

    there should be an option to set up different band names under your one account as i have two bands and only one email address, the site wont allow me to do this. Please can you invent it?

  • Darkmantis

    how about a simple mass “delete” function for all of our emails? a check box above the emails to select all?

  • Vampirelover8718

    Soundcloud is great but some of their affiliate companies are scam sites which steal the rights to your music so ready the TERMS very carefully. Or basically by linking your soundcloud you will be screwed even if your music is copywritten already.

  • Can you specify what you mean and let us know more details so we can look
    into this, please?

  • David Philips

    Soundcloud is just great! Genau!!!

  • Ronkabeat

    you guys need to do something about the inbox and messages service because now is all spam and advertising… no more personal comunication for working, collab, or business. its all full of spam. it is a must to have a way of filter for this..

    also when i do a comment and someone comment back i dont get notified so there is no networking or a way of feedback in the comments.. or at least i dont know how.

    for everything else i think this is a great site and very usefull

  • Thanks! These are two things we’re working on :)

  • I totally expected mobile site, will check it out! Thanks SoundCloud team, i’m proud to be a member since the very beginning and it was very interesting to see how SoundCloud developed from small community to global phenomenon. Keep it up!

  • Yay thanks!

  • Gh

    bullshit.. cant even get it to transcode and fucking save the fucking file i fucking uploaded 6 fucking times fucking!

  • very good work on the facebook upgrades!