SoundCloud Local: Toronto

SoundCloud Local: Toronto

Photo taken by ilkerender, found on Flickr

The core of Canadian Music Week this year and many talented musicians, our SoundCloud Local feature is looking at Toronto, Canada, today!

Spending 900 hours in Cubase creating pop rock noise, the Toronto-based band, Loveseat, is ready to show the world what they got. Just like any other band starting out, their dreams are to play large stadiums and play Scrabble with Bono. Make sure to follow them on the ‘Cloud for their updates.

Azzo is an ambient, nostalgic driven, Kraut inspired, psycho-hypnotic, underground musician. He’s also known as Andrew Azzopardi and has been playing shows and recording since 2008. Currently, Azzo is working on a larger body of work for an upcoming album yet to be disclosed.

Tyler Parker
Get ready to move your body and bob your head with beats influenced by tunnels, digital undergrounds and much more! Tyler Parker is an aspiring music producer and sound afficionado. Not only is Tyler a music creator, but he’s also a code monkey. You can check out his website for proof.

Medusa Oblongata
Dustin Léger is Medusa Oblongata (on SoundCloud). Originally from Hamilton, Ontario, and now based in Toronto, Dustin likes to write “headphones kind of music”, which seems to come out as intense instrumentals that are a mix of rock, electro, and more. Take a listen below.

Kush Music
Kush essentially started in 2002 after Etric Lyons finished touring with many celebrated Canadian artists. Kush was created to satisfy Etric’s need to bring together like-minded musicians to create unique jazz influenced music on-the-fly without rehearsal. Hear what they’re all about below!

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If you’re based in Toronto, join the SoundCloud Local Toronto group and submit your tracks — we wanna hear ‘em!

And to everyone on SoundCloud: check out to see if a SoundCloud event is coming your way, or start your own! Take a look at our SoundCloud Local features to see if your area has been under the spotlight already. And, don’t forget to check back next week for the next SoundCloud Local city!

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