This Week in Tumblr: SXSW, SoundCloud Showcases, ThingLink integration and more

This Week in Tumblr: SXSW, SoundCloud Showcases, ThingLink integration and more

Another Monday is here (hope your weekend was great!) Check out our recap of what went on last week from the SoundCloud Tumblr blog:




  • Awesome hack built with the SoundCloud API that plays ambient music pulled from SoundCloud together with a live feed from the Los Angeles police.
  • Endless fun with the Charlie Sheen Soundboard!
  • SoundCloud Showcase: spoke with Leslie from the Charm Factory on how she likes to use SoundCloud along with some of the features she finds to be the most helpful with their public relations work.


  • In time for SXSW we launched Facebook Login, the Mobile site, added Songkick integration along with Foursquare integration to our apps.
  • We featured Toronto, Canada in our SoundCloud Local feature, coinciding with the Canadian Music Week.
  • SoundCloud Showcase: interviewed Adam from Toast Press about how using private sharing, streaming music, statistics and so forth can be essential tools for running a great PR campaign.
  • The Scobleizer gave us all a warm welcome with his first recording:


  • Music, art and film magazine The 405 threw together a fantastic SoundCloud wall to showcase the latest and coolest tracks sent to them. In addition they run the Cloud Corner, showcasing new music sent to their dedicated SoundCloud group


  • Union Square Ventures VC Albert Wenger announced he’ll meet with 20 enthusiastic entrepreneurs at elevators located around SXSW. They’ll then have the length of time it takes the elevator to reach the top floor to complete their pitch! Click here for more information and how to apply.

And see what’s happening on our Tumblr blog this week!

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