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Photo taken by StuSeeger, found on Flickr

As most of you know, SXSW is happening right at this moment! The music side of the event ends on the 20th and we’re taking a look at Austin, Texas, to see what other kinds of musical talent exists in this city (besides what’s going on at SXSW). Check out the five SoundCloud users we found!

Knownaim is a hip hop artist based in Austin who’s always willing to work with new producers. He’s influenced by the people he meets, his friends, unheard emcees, and much more. You can check out all his tracks below and head over to his SoundCloud page to follow him!

JargMarbin is also known as Chris Fluur. He works with two other musicians: Isaac Streckenbach and Dale Bailey – virtuoso percussionist and violinist. For one of his albums, he did the final mixing and mastering in his Honda Civic. Interesting, huh? Check out his awesome, quirky style.

Music lover, Atetrakz, has only been making his music for about a year or so. He orginally just started off with a passion for hip hop and soon moved on to rave music, which inevitably influenced him to make his own. His goal is to inspire others as he has been inspired, and make them wanna dance!

The Ashes
Described as Americana Pop and influenced by acts such as Wilco, Elliott Smith, Emily Haines and more, this four-piece band creates some inspirational, emotional music. The band released their self-titled debut album — you can hear some of it below and if you like it, you can purchase it here.

J. Thompson
And we’re ending the post off with some mellow, acoustic music by J. Thompson (also known as Jason)! He’s an advocate for peace, love and music. Based in Austin, he’s a live performer and you can hear all his tracks below. Also, if you’re in Austin, check out if he’s playing near you some time!

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