Fun Friday: Meet the Ops Team

Fun Friday: Meet the Ops Team

Meet the guys who work behind the scenes and keep SoundCloud running! From left to right, our Ops (Operations) Team is comprised of Erik Bartels, Frederic Jaeckel and Jake Maizel. Learn more about them below:

Hello Ops, how are you?

Frederic: I’m sleeping well, so I’m good.

What does the Ops team do?

Frederic: We’re up if the ‘Cloud is pouring, cleaning servers, checking out healthiness of the infrastructure and plan new stuff to make SoundCloud more awesome.
Erik: Building bits, moving bits and fixing bits.
Jake: I make fun of these guys for constantly talking about coffee and kindles.

Where are you guys from?

Frederic: Erik and Jake are from San Francisco and I’m from Berlin.
Erik: And very happy to finally be in Berlin!

Any favourite tracks on SoundCloud right now?

Frederic: I browse the ‘Cloud every day and I start the day by having a shower to the new awesomeness coming into my daily activity stream :)
Erik: Tracks that Gerd has been putting out, live tracks by Reagenz and some of Nicolas Jaar’s new tracks on CircusCompany. And, I’m enjoying this at the moment:

Pois – Bitter Jam [ citymouse mix ]

Jake: Depends who I am drinking with ;) electronic in most cases. Also, this.

Are any of you musicians yourself? Play any instruments?

Frederic: I myself play around with Ableton live and just have fun with sounds. I’m not dedicated to specific instruments but I truly love music.
Erik: Been DJing for 18 years and hoping to get around to producing soon. I play the shakuhachi and kalimba but as a complete novice.
Jake: I am a recovering record buyer with a collection of over 10K vinyls. Too bad they are back in SF still.

What’s the best part about working in the SoundCloud office?

Frederic: The team is definitely what comes above everything, the awesome office space and that you can manage your time like you want and still get all the important stuff done.
Erik: Great product, creative atmosphere, and never dull.
Jake: I’d say the amazing roof top view is pretty awesome. That and the terrace.

Fun facts, please!

Frederic: I’m addicted to TV series and can’t spend a week without watching the usual: How I met your mother, The Big Bang Theory and a huge pile of more series.
Erik: Besides working 14+ years in the internet industry, I was a ski patroller and a bicycle messenger. In 1996, I won the Cycle Messenger World Champion in the fixed gear category.
Jake: I drove an old Volvo sports car off of a cliff in the middle of nowhere in Mendocino County, flipped it twice and landed it in a tree. I opened the door and fell down the cliff and then had to walk 9 miles to the nearest phone. Good times.

Wow, glad to hear you made it out safe, Jake! And thanks, guys!

Say hello to Frederic on Twitter and SoundCloud! And remember to think of these guys while browsing the ‘Cloud.

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