SoundCloud SoundCloud Local: Moscow

Photo taken by josef.stuefer, found on Flickr

For our twentieth SoundCloud Local feature, we’re virtually stopping by the wonderful city of Moscow, Russia. We had a hard time narrowing the post down to only five users but check out the ones we decided on!

Beatmaker, Malefique’s goal is to make tracks that will make you think, laugh and perhaps, even long for something. Each song was inspired by a separate story with different feelings behind it, which will hopefully make you feel something as well. You can hear his tracks below and see how you feel after.

Dmitry Evgrafov
17-year-old pianist and composer, Dmitry Evgrafov, recently released his debut 5-track EP called Lying On Your Shoulder. The EP was recorded while studying Sound Design in Moscow and blends intimate piano parts with delicately evocative string arrangements. It’s quite impressive, especially considering Dmitry’s age!

Coockoo is a young and eccentric, alternative rock band, based in Moscow. A year after foundation, they recorded their debut album Cosmoventura. They gained quite a following in the underground Russian music scene after they released their provocative single “Groupies’ Anthem (F.U.C.K.)”.

Fresh Produce
Feel like dancing? If you answered yes, check out Fresh Produce. This dance act has a world of love and energy waiting for you behind each song. There is a vast amount of tracks on their page that you can get happy to, with extended versions and more. Click the link below or listen to the tracks in the player.

Nameless Dancers
Nameless Dancers is a studio group, organized and produced by the musician and poet Evgenij V. Kharitonov (EugeneKha). The project was born in 2009 in Moscow on the basis of White Art Studio. The music of this collective is described as a specific synthesis of live, acoustic tools and digital sound.

You can hear more tunes from Moscow at

And, don’t forget to join the SoundCloud Local Moscow group and submit your tracks if you’re based in Moscow.

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