This week’s SoundClouders of the Day!

This week’s SoundClouders of the Day!

We had some awesome SoundClouders of the Day this week. From Seattle to the UK, and all the way from Sweden to Chicago, we highlighted five talented SoundClouders this week. Check ’em out below!

Encaved is an electronic one-man-band run by Doomgriever. His overall sounds are of raw synths mixed with guitars and distorted vocals.

Cynotia is a young, four-piece alternative rock band who spend most of their time making noise. Follow them at the link below and check out their tracks.

James Whetzel
A classically trained sarod and tabla player who sings, plays palm-wine guitar is James Whetzel, aka Baba James. Hear what this multi-instrumentalist producer has in store for you.

Amy Duncan
Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist living in Edinburgh, Scotland, who plays piano, guitar and double bass, was our SoundClouder of the Day on Thursday.

Candle Nine
From his humble beginnings as an acoustic songwriter in Michigan to his recent move to Chicago, Candle Nine is always immersing himself in the aesthetic of reinvention. Hear his tracks below!

That’s all for now, folks! Craving more SoundClouder of the Day tracks? Check out our group here!

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