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SoundCloud SoundCloud Local: Austin

Photo taken by StuSeeger, found on Flickr

As most of you know, SXSW is happening right at this moment! The music side of the event ends on the 20th and we’re taking a look at Austin, Texas, to see what other kinds of musical talent exists in this city (besides what’s going on at SXSW). Check out the five SoundCloud users we found!

Knownaim is a hip hop artist based in Austin who’s always willing to work with new producers. He’s influenced by the people he meets, his friends, unheard emcees, and much more. You can check out all his tracks below and head over to his SoundCloud page to follow him!

JargMarbin is also known as Chris Fluur. He works with two other musicians: Isaac Streckenbach and Dale Bailey – virtuoso percussionist and violinist. For one of his albums, he did the final mixing and mastering in his Honda Civic. Interesting, huh? Check out his awesome, quirky style.

Music lover, Atetrakz, has only been making his music for about a year or so. He orginally just started off with a passion for hip hop and soon moved on to rave music, which inevitably influenced him to make his own. His goal is to inspire others as he has been inspired, and make them wanna dance!

The Ashes
Described as Americana Pop and influenced by acts such as Wilco, Elliott Smith, Emily Haines and more, this four-piece band creates some inspirational, emotional music. The band released their self-titled debut album — you can hear some of it below and if you like it, you can purchase it here.

J. Thompson
And we’re ending the post off with some mellow, acoustic music by J. Thompson (also known as Jason)! He’s an advocate for peace, love and music. Based in Austin, he’s a live performer and you can hear all his tracks below. Also, if you’re in Austin, check out if he’s playing near you some time!

Wanna hear more music from Austin? Check out

Join the SoundCloud Local Austin group and submit your tracks if you’re based in Austin.

And to everyone on SoundCloud: check out to see if a SoundCloud event is coming your way, or start your own! Take a look at our SoundCloud Local features to see if your area has been under the spotlight already. And, don’t forget to check back next week for the 20th SoundCloud Local city!

Furthermore, check out our pre-SXSW 2011 post and see all the tracks uploaded in Austin right now.

David Premiere App – The first listen, powered by SoundCloud.

There’s nothing quite as exciting as an album premiere. As a fan, it will be the first time you’re able to listen to your favorite band’s new record. And as a band, you’ll finally be able to hear what your fans think of all those late nights in the studio. But what makes a good album premiere online?

Fans are looking for a very simple, aesthetically pleasing, premiere player that they can listen to from anywhere. Bands need a structure that maximizes both the viral reach and sale of the record. We think we’ve created a nice mix of both. It’s called Premiere, and Queens of the Stone Age (+ their killer new reissue) were rock enough to be our test subject in this demo:

Simple, Intuitive, ROCK… Here’s what’s going on:



The design and controls of the app are kept very simple to maximize accessibility, and nothing says simple like a big blinking play button smack dab in the middle. Once clicked, the artwork will slide to the left while the tracklist becomes revealed to the right. Sexy? You know it. Fans can click each of the track titles to play/pause specific tracks and click anywhere on the waveform to seek.


In addition to the nicely placed Tweet & Like buttons, Premiere also includes a SoundCloud powered comment bar which will display all timestamped comments as your album plays. Clicking any empty space on the bar will send the fan over to SoundCloud so they can voice their own opinion. A combination of these three will greatly increase viral activity around the record.


Premiere is smart enough to understand your browser/os environment and will serve up Flash or HTML5 powered audio accordingly. What…? That means it works on iPhones, iPads, and on your Google TV!


The footer area contains sections both on the left and right that can be used to include a link to Purchase the record, Enter your website, or Visit your Sound profile. It’s up to you!



Grab this zip and follow the 5 steps within the index.html source code. That’s it!

Just make sure to host the file on your server and include/link to the provided swf files where stated in index.html.


Clone the project on github and push a new version using Heroku.



The default version of this app is styled like the QOTSA version demo’d above. The change the appearance simply grab a copy of the theme.css file and get creative. You can also overwrite styles directly in the index.html where marked.


For rapid theme deployment, we’ve created a Sassy CSS sheet on github. Adjusting the variables at the top of this file will quickly style your app.


Premiere is already being used by some great artists like QOTSA and Saliva. If you have have one to add to the list, a suggestion, or a bug, please send me an email or contact me on Twitter @leemartin

David This Week in Tumblr: SXSW, SoundCloud Showcases, ThingLink integration and more

Another Monday is here (hope your weekend was great!) Check out our recap of what went on last week from the SoundCloud Tumblr blog:




  • Awesome hack built with the SoundCloud API that plays ambient music pulled from SoundCloud together with a live feed from the Los Angeles police.
  • Endless fun with the Charlie Sheen Soundboard!
  • SoundCloud Showcase: spoke with Leslie from the Charm Factory on how she likes to use SoundCloud along with some of the features she finds to be the most helpful with their public relations work.


  • In time for SXSW we launched Facebook Login, the Mobile site, added Songkick integration along with Foursquare integration to our apps.
  • We featured Toronto, Canada in our SoundCloud Local feature, coinciding with the Canadian Music Week.
  • SoundCloud Showcase: interviewed Adam from Toast Press about how using private sharing, streaming music, statistics and so forth can be essential tools for running a great PR campaign.
  • The Scobleizer gave us all a warm welcome with his first recording:


  • Music, art and film magazine The 405 threw together a fantastic SoundCloud wall to showcase the latest and coolest tracks sent to them. In addition they run the Cloud Corner, showcasing new music sent to their dedicated SoundCloud group


  • Union Square Ventures VC Albert Wenger announced he’ll meet with 20 enthusiastic entrepreneurs at elevators located around SXSW. They’ll then have the length of time it takes the elevator to reach the top floor to complete their pitch! Click here for more information and how to apply.

And see what’s happening on our Tumblr blog this week!