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David This Weeks SoundClouders of the Day

We’re ending the week with a bang! All our our SoundClouders of the Day we featured this week are recapped below. Listen, enjoy and don’t forget to follow them!

Scot Sier

We started the week off with SoundClouder of the Day, Scot Sier based in San Francisco, California! Enjoy his tunes below!
Latest tracks by Scot Sier


Our SoundClouder of the Day on Tuesday has some gritty underground tracks for you! Check out Skywalk3r!

Latest tracks by Skywalk3r

Joseph Houck

Wednesday’s SoundClouder of the Day, Joseph Houck, is a singer-songwriter from Boone, North Carolina, in the good ole USA!

Latest tracks by Joseph Houck


Signal processing, field recording, and live instrumental sampling is the solo project of Sarah Badr – our SoundClouder of the Day Thursday!

Latest tracks by shbadr


Our SoundClouder of the Day for Friday goes by ukuleleboy, but plays a lot more than just uke in his song-a-week project!

Latest tracks by ukuleleboy

Check out all the SoundClouders of the Day in our curated group here!

David Fun Friday #2: Sarah Haswell

For our second Fun Friday of the day, please help me in saying a big “Hello” to Sarah Haswell, the fabulous music intern at the London office!

Hey Sarah! AKA, wassup?

Hej! … Who am I kidding, I’m not Swedish. SUP!

What’s your role? What do you like about it so far?

I’m the one and only music intern in SoundCloud’s London HQ. I’m working within the content team assisting with music relations. It’s a really expansive role, one day I’ll be talking to a festival, a PR company or a music school, then I’ll be chatting to smaller artists about how to make the most of SoundCloud for their audio sharing, right the way through to setting up remix competitions. My role is to help people effectively create, collaborate and share their audio content within the SoundCloud platform and the community and all the way across the interwebz.

Where are you originally from? How did the re-location work out for you?

I’m from North East of England. I moved to London in September last year and I’ve never looked back. I didn’t have much time to think about the re-location and how it would work out. I’d spent the majority of last year in Australia and within two weeks of returning to the UK I had an internship lined up, suddenly I was sleeping on someone’s floor and starting work the next day!

Sounds like the way to do it! This is a question I really love to ask, what kind of shows do you like going to?

The best this year so far have been Manchester Orchestra, Glassjaw, The Descendents and Saves The Day. I recently crawled back from Groezrock in Belgium which is one of the most awesome punk festivals out there, then there are some excellent weekenders coming up all over the UK such as K-Fest in London, Crash Doubt in Lincoln and Out Of Spite in Leeds.

What do you like about London so far?

It’s such a diverse city, no matter what you want to do London can provide it. If you want vegan tacos at 4am there’ll be somewhere in London that can provide. As for the music, jeez, I’m at shows pretty much every night of the week, there’s certainly no shortage of gigs. Plus the weather down here beats the north of England tenfold.

Any favourite music on SoundCloud right now?

So Sarah, what are some reasons that someone out there reading this should join the SoundCloud team?

We’re a small team in the London office but the communication between Berlin, San Francisco and ourselves is so stellar that you constantly feel involved. Every team member has something amazing to contribute and we all get excited over really awesome, nerdy stuff. We’re all on the same page and everyone puts in an enormous amount of effort for the company. When we’re not geeking out over an app or hack our attention turns towards I Can Has Cheezburger and our roflcopters take off. I feel really proud to be a part of such a uniquely brilliant group of people.

Excellent! Lastly, can you share some fun facts with us?

I run a music blog called Are You Noisy

Oh, and I freakin’ LOVE burritos.

Wicked ! Thanks Sarah, that was an excellent interview! If you want to get to know Sarah more, check out her music blog , SoundCloud page and follow her on Twitter!

SoundCloud SoundCloud Local: Halifax

Photo taken by archer10 (Dennis), found on Flickr

To one of the Maritime provinces of Canada, we’re stopping by a smaller city today for SoundCloud Local. This week, we’re focusing on Halifax, Canada, and checking out what they have in store for us!

Christina Martin
Folk singer-songwriter Christina Martin has been on an extensive musical journey for nearly a decade now. Not only did she record her debut album in Austin, Texas, but she’s also opened for Wilco in the past! She’s a frequent performer in the café/bar circuit in Halifax. Don’t forget to follow her on the ‘Cloud!

Long Long Long
Long Long Long is an experimental guitar surf pop band from Halifax! A listen to them will make you imagine you’re on the beaches of California (or wherever you prefer to surf). They’ve had five releases in total and you can hear some highlights from each one below!

Chad Hatcher
Roots & Folk pop singer-songwriter, Chad Hatcher, likes to blend elements of Blues, R&B, Soul, & Reggae with some Hip Hop influence. His music has the ability to appeal to every demographic. To hear what this Halifax-based singer is all about, click the link or listen to the grey player.

Natasha Duchene
Looking for a range of genres? Here are some abstract field recordings from SoundCloud user, Natasha Duchene. She also has some piano-based jazzy tracks with vocals. From sound art to emotional piano melodies, Natasha’s SoundCloud page is a great listen no matter what you’re feeling.

It’s about time we had some metal, right? Amir doesn’t just stick to one genre though, he also makes hip hop and electronic music as well. Fun fact: he has time-lapse footage of contrails (or chemtrails, whichever you prefer), which is very cool — you can watch it here!

Looking for more? Check out more tracks from Halifax:

If you’re in Halifax, please join the SoundCloud Local group and submit your tracks!

The next Global Meetup Day is happening on May 25th! Check out to see if there’s one scheduled in your area yet. If not, start your own! Halifax, Canada: here’s yours!

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