Fun Friday: Meet Tobias Schmidt

Fun Friday: Meet Tobias Schmidt

Join us in welcoming our second Tobias to the team with a Fun Friday interview (no April Fools’ Day jokes in here). Learn all about him below.

What’s up?
Sound clouds :)

What’s your role here and what do you enjoy about it?

I’m a backend developer and part of the app team, which means I implement the logic for new features like Facebook Connect.

I love to build stuff and to create things that are valueable to other people. Here at SoundCloud I’m faced with a lot of new and interesting challenges, also because it’s growing so fast.

Do you have any tracks you’re currently into on the ‘Cloud?

Uh, that’s a tough one. Usually I have three to five SoundCloud tabs open, because there are so many nice recommendations for good music on SoundCloud, like the great SoundClouder of the Day feature! Yesterday evening I found this nice piano music, which is really great for programming.


I also like the new album of Sum41.


You’re in a band as well, can you tell me a bit about it? What instrument do you play?

Sure. I’ve been playing the trumpet for 10 years now, although not as much as I would like lately. My band is called Les Calcatoggios, after a small village in Corsica where it was founded. We play just for fun and spend a lot of time together, like going on holiday. Our music is a kind of Ska and we’re recording some new tracks at the moment.

One/two/three reasons why someone should join SoundCloud?

A fantastic team of very experienced people, from whom you can learn a lot, a pleasant office with seat pads (featured below) and it’s all about music.

Do you have any fun facts we should know about?

I love to cycle, so someday I spontaneously decided to take my bike and start a trip around the Baltic Sea. It took me five weeks to do the 5500 kilometres, but it was totally awesome and I met a lot of nice people. Now I’m thinking about cycling around the Mediterranean Sea ;)

Very cool, thanks, Tobi! You can ask Tobi how it’s going on Twitter, @dagrobie!


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