This week’s SoundClouders of the Day!

This week’s SoundClouders of the Day!

Surely by now you’ve had an awesome Friday? This week we featured a great lineup of SoundClouders with many of them producing ambient or hip hop beats in any combination you can imagine. They all very much deserve a listen, so check them out!

Matt Hyde
We started the week with Matt who creates downtempo, ambient & trip-hop. Shows strong interest in creating film music and has scored both short and feature length movies.

Got his name from being an animal behavior specialist (in case you’re wondering!) Lives in Chorley, UK and writes very soulful acoustic rock combined with a touch of folk.

In addition to being a fussball world champion (!), Justin likes to get creative with old tape and experiments lots of with various samples & field recordings. Genres stretch from folktronica, blues chillwave to laptop folk.

Glitchy, jazzy, anything-you-can-imagine hip hop beats from NJ/NY, United States. Happily addicted sample hunter and that definitely shows!

Aaron Goodwyn
We end our week with very emotive compositions by Aron from Montréal. He likes to focus on sorrowful melodies with darker motifs by mixing ambient with beats.

Enjoy the weekend everybody! If you like to hear more SoundClouder of the Day tracks, check out our group here!

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