Sounds Like You? Start Organizing Your Meetup Today!

Sounds Like You? Start Organizing Your Meetup Today!

Save the date and start planning your local meetup today because on May 25, thousands of SoundClouders all across the world come together for our next Global Meetup Day.

Capturing a talented street musician or ambient sounds like the sound of an incoming subway or church bells with the Record button? Writing a full-fledged song or producing some beats or samples? Whether we’re doing this on our own or as a group, every single day we get to create and capture sounds inspired by strange encounters, familiar or new surroundings and share them with with people who matter to us. That’s when the things we create and share really become meaningful.

Behind every sound is a person and behind every person, there’s a location. Enter SoundCloud Meetups which provide a perfect setting to get creative with friends & allies. After an amazing Global Meetup Day in January, we’re ready to kick-off the next one in May and we want you to get involved. The theme this time around:

Sounds Like You.

Here’s the thing: everyone is a sound creator in one way or another so naturally everyone is invited to participate and contribute with their sounds. Sounds like you? Fantastic! Let’s show the world how we sound, how you sound, how your city sounds. Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. Fill out this form so we can help you getting started and send you a meetup kit with shirts, stickers and name tags.
  2. Set up your meetup over on our community from where you can spread the word to your friends.
  3. Record a meetup shout-out in your language to inform friends & fans:
  4. Send us a tweet saying: “Hey @SoundCloud, I’m organizing a meetup in [insert your city] and we’re planning to [insert the awesomesauce you’re planning]!” and add the link to your recorded meetup shout-out so we can retweet it.
  5. Be happy and get excited :)

Done? Awesome! Now you have plenty of time to brainstorm crazy, innovative and out-of-the-box meetup ideas involving sound(s). To help get the creative juices flowing, here are  some ideas from previous meetups:

Audio tour of your city: you and your fellow SoundClouders on a sound safari across your city. Weird and odd, beautiful and frightening. Experience your city in a different way and record & share the sounds of your city with us and the world.

Song of your city: meet, write and produce your own meetup theme/track/sound and make it the anthem reflecting you, your group’s skills and your city. What’s the sound of your city? We can’t wait to find out!

Livejam: ask other local SoundClouders to record and share their sounds with you and use them for a live production session. To learn how that works, watch the master of insta-livejams in action, Mr. Tim Exile.

Sound City: in one minute or two, ask each other answering three simple questions: 1) Who are you 2) Where are you and 3) What’s special about your city and why. Ok, technically, that’s four but don’t tell anyone.

City Sound Ambassador: at your meetup with other SoundClouders ask them questions and record their favorite SoundCloud moments. Everyone’s got a story, we want to hear it.

Have another crazy-brilliant idea involving sounds? Let everybody know in the comments and go download our free iPhone and Android apps or find more awesome sound creation apps in the Apps Gallery to gear up for SoundCloud’s largest Global Meetup Day to date.

We’re pumped, let’s do this! Does this sound like you? We bet it does!

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