David New Feature: People Finder!

SoundCloud is where your sounds get social, and you need other people to socialize with! That’s why we’re so excited to introduce our newest feature, the People Finder. Check it out:

That’s a handpicked list of some of the our favorite users on the ‘Cloud. But wait, there’s more — if you’ve connected your profile to your other social networks, click the “Find friends” tab in order to add your SoundCloud-using friends from around the web!

Pretty neat, eh? Now go ahead and add some friends!

  • I’ve tried a few times today to access that feature, and I keep getting a message telling me the page didn’t exist…is it a bug?

  • The newest feature is amazing! Thanks for letting me know about the feature.

  • .crk

    same thing,, i cant access that feature

  • likeeeeeeeeeeeeee……………ok

  • Anonymous

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  • CHimoiX

    come on Soundcloud there is nothing new on you!

  • They very same moment, FB came up with something *very* similar they changed from “useful” to “annoying”. At least nobody wants access to my mailbox here,

  • Headsamspadezway

    i think it works cus if u like the page it recognizes ur facebook wall so i just think it need a lil improvement thats all