David This Weeks SoundClouders of the Day

We’re ending the week with a bang! All our our SoundClouders of the Day we featured this week are recapped below. Listen, enjoy and don’t forget to follow them!

Scot Sier

We started the week off with SoundClouder of the Day, Scot Sier based in San Francisco, California! Enjoy his tunes below!

Latest tracks by Scot Sier


Our SoundClouder of the Day on Tuesday has some gritty underground tracks for you! Check out Skywalk3r!


Latest tracks by Skywalk3r

Joseph Houck

Wednesday’s SoundClouder of the Day, Joseph Houck, is a singer-songwriter from Boone, North Carolina, in the good ole USA!


Latest tracks by Joseph Houck


Signal processing, field recording, and live instrumental sampling is the solo project of Sarah Badr – our SoundClouder of the Day Thursday!


Latest tracks by shbadr


Our SoundClouder of the Day for Friday goes by ukuleleboy, but plays a lot more than just uke in his song-a-week project!


Latest tracks by ukuleleboy

Check out all the SoundClouders of the Day in our curated group here!

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  • Skywalk3r made some wicked tracks!