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David Found Sounds: Bang a Drum

Found Sounds is a new SoundCloud community feature focusing on some of the most weird and wonderful sounds that can be found on SoundCloud. Count on new installments with some of our favorite sounds each Tuesday!

Few things are so satisfying as the feeling of banging a drum. Drums (and their machine counterparts) can serve as much more than just the backbone of a track, too — they’re a great source of some crazy and cool sounds. In this week’s installment of Found Sounds, we’re taking a look at some unusual drum sounds on the ‘Cloud.

Our first drum sound is a straightforward military snare drum cadence recorded by SoundClouder KarmaDrums, who frequently records and releases drum patterns and loops under a Creative Commons license for other musicians to pick up and use. These snare cadences were recorded in live in a theater, and the reverb is phenomenal.

Military snare drum cadence @ 92 bpm: unplugged, live, lo-fi, theater location by karmadrums


The next Found Sound this week was recorded by Tom Williams on Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands. The drums from a street parade off in the distance were picked up from a cottage window using the Olympus LS-10 recorder he had with him. The barking dog in the foreground adds even more atmosphere. Nice catch, and a great sound, Tom!

Drums in the night by Tom Williams


For our final Found Sound this week, we found the user Kall Binaural Audio, who took a very deep look at a drum kit. Using the KU-100 “dummy head,” which is a model of a human head with a mic placed at each ear. As a result, the recording is binaural, and really rewards listening with headphones. You can close your eyes, and really feel the acoustic color of the drums surround you. Especially great is the last track in the set, which takes a closer look at the cymbals.

Jon Bailey 3D Drum Demos by Kall Binaural Audio

That’s all for this week’s Found Sounds! Tune in next week for more crazy sounds from the ‘Cloud.

photo: snare drum by Vladimir Morozov

David This Week in Tumblr: TakesQuestions, Gorillaz & more

Last week was busy, so hopefully you didn’t miss anything! Just in case you might have, here is a recap of what went on at our Tumblr blog. Check it out:


  • If you have an iPad, you probably noticed we switched on OnSwipe, to make this blog look like a magazine, sort of like Flipboard.


  • Our newly launched project TakesQuestions is all about social audio in the form of Q&A. The concept was first conceived and tested at Midem Hack Day with Imogen Heap, with a great response so far with a real range of personalities from Diana Vickers to The Maine to The Blackout! You can even check out what SoundCloud’s own Alex has been up to!
  • Demolished Thoughts, the Beck-produced new solo LP from Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore, is out May 23rd on Matador. Moore is streaming a cut from the record using one of our lovely artwork players over at

  • Converse once again brought together a mix of talent as part of their year-long campaign to represent the thriving British music industry. With their track ‘Desire’ they’re doing some really cool stuff with animated fire engulfing the waveform when sharing it to social sites.


  • Our Marie Elliott’s doing a regularly occurring segment now, Deutsch Dienstag:
  • The Howard Jones ReWork project gives music producers, both rising stars and old hands alike, the chance to remix/recreate/ReWork some of Jones’ finest records. Head here for updates on the project.
  • Remix Mike Nichol’s ‘Durado’, ‘Like’ Infrasonic Recordings on Facebook to download the stems, mix your track and submit it to their SoundCloud Dropbox!
  • Edward Burns’ upcoming indie film Newlyweds is looking for a song for placement in the film. You can submit your track to Edward via the submissions page here.

  • Burn Studios/Plastikman ‘Ask Yourself’ remix contest came to a close and the winning remix came from Oblique Industries, congratulations!


  • Check out MobileRoadie’s slick video from the MusicTech Meetup at SXSW. Appearances by Songkick, Topspin, SoundCloud, and other usual crowd!


Don’t forget to keep a look out for what’s going on this week at our Tumblr blog!

David This week’s SoundClouders of the Day!

Did you miss the SoundClouder’s of the Day this week? You are in luck my friends because we have recapped them for you below! Listen, enjoy and don’t forget to follow them on SoundCloud!

Dram Rider

To start off the week most excellently, singer-songwriter and master of Mario Kart, Dram Rider (also known as Dani Thomas), was our SoundClouder of the Day on Monday!

Latest tracks by Dram Rider

Listening Mirror

SoundClouder of the Day for Tuesday, Listening Mirror, is an ambient/drone project attempting to extract some beauty from the noise that surrounds us every day! Take a listen for yourself below.

Latest tracks by Listening Mirror


Our Wednesday SoundClouder of the Day is based in Barcelona, Espana and goes by the name of Xtrngr. We are digging his minimalist electronic yet completely unique tracks here in the office!

Latest tracks by Xtrngr

Sound Toned

Sound Toned, also known as Peter, is a fantastic singer-songwriter based in Stockholm, Sweden. His tracks are a little bit folksy, a little bit rock n’ roll and a lotta bit amazing. Enjoy some of his tracks below, my personal favorite is “Crime”.

Latest tracks by Sound Toned

Jase Munn

Australian Jase Munn is our SoundClouder of the day for Friday. Here is what he thinks about music in his own words: “Music is the voice of the soul – which is why I spend a lot of my time exploring it. Nothing pleases me more than being swept away by a rich, deep atmosphere. I love listening to music as much as I do creating it. It’s a world within a world – I wish I could live in it forever. :-) I also enjoy telling stories in my music – stories that engage the listener both emotionally and intellectually” – Pretty lovely, enjoy his tunes below!

Latest tracks by Jase Munn

Check out all the SoundClouders of the Day in our curated group here!