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SoundCloud SoundCloud Local: Warsaw

Photo taken by Alan Light, found on Flickr

In the heart of Poland, we’re diving in and discovering some cool, unique SoundCloud users. Warsaw is our SoundCloud Local destination this week and we have five awesome users below!

Neil Milton
Neil Milton is a Scottish composer and musician based in Warsaw, and is also the owner of Too Many Fireworks records. His music is described as a “glacial snowdrift of ambient soundscapes, electronic experiments and haunting, elegant modern-classical compositions.”

Last Blush
Last Blush is composed of Dorota Morawska (vocals) and Adam Nowak (Producer). They founded the band in 2010 in Warsaw when they decided to join forces! Their work is electronic and inspired by bands like Massive Attack, Groove Armada, Fever Ray, Goldfrapp, Portishead, Moloko, and M83.

Village Kollektiv
Village Kollektiv was formed in 2002 by a few Polish folk/fusion groups. The music produced by the Village Kollektiv is the first Polish fusion of electronics with live sound of original instruments and singing. The musicians use traditional melodies originating from the Polish Kurpie region.

Maja Olenderek Ensemble
Along with Adam Świtała, Maja Olenderek and her ensemble combine exquisitely subtle piano and emotional vocals and lyrics, turning each song into a “plea for redemption.” Their performance demonstrates their creative reinterpretation of music. Check ’em out below!

If you want to listen to some Polish rap/hip-hop, check out paskiwpaski (aka Rafal)! Even if you can’t understand the lyrics, the rhythm, groove and beat will get your head bobbing. You can hear some tracks from Rafal’s latest EP, Leniwe Lato, below, and give him a follow at the link as well!

Like what you hear? Check out more tracks from Warsaw:

If you’re in Warsaw, join the SoundCloud Local group and submit your tracks – we wanna hear them!

Also, our next Global Meetup Day is happening on May 25th! Check out to see if there’s one scheduled in your area yet. If not, start your own! Warsaw, here’s what’s happening around you so far!

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David Found Sounds: Frogs

Found Sounds is a new SoundCloud community feature focusing on some of the most weird and wonderful sounds that can be found on SoundCloud. Count on new installments with some of our favorite sounds each Tuesday!

Sure, many people are thinking about bunnies this time of year, but let’s be honest: they’re not animals that lend themselves to much recording. So instead of “rabbit,” the word of the week is “ribbit,” as these week’s Found Sounds feature frogs from around the world.

Coming up first is a recording by Thomas Newton of the UK, who used his H4N field recorder while in Ranong, Thailand to capture some of the local frog noise. You kind of have to hear these guys to believe them — they’ve got some wacky, deep voices, and they’ve really worked quite a sound together.

Frogs of Ranong by Stumbled Upon Sound


Over at Sounds Captured in the UK, there’s a beautiful and high quality recording of frogs. And while Sounds Captured is a bit enigmatic in the way of details — no bio, no name, and no alternate website — the DPA4060 mics he or she used really picked up a lot of great details. Put your headphones on for this one, and listen through until the end. It gets pretty intense!

Frogs, Recorded Using Stereo Pair Of DPA4060 Microphones by Sounds Captured


In the United States, we’ve got a recording from the composer John Rose. These frogs were recorded on a country farm pond in Nicholasville, Kentucky, not too far from where he lives in Lexington. John’s compositions pull from some pretty diverse influences, and you can imagine what living near such an impressive sonic landscape must do for him.

Frog pond mp3 by albigenman

That’s all for this week’s Found Sounds! Tune in next week for more crazy sounds from the ‘Cloud.

David This Week in Tumblr: Takes Questions, Tall Buildings & more

Welcome to the new week! In case you might have missed it, here is what we featured last week on our Tumblr blog. Check it out below:


  • A few weekends ago adidas originals Sweden visited SoundCloud founders Alex & Eric on a sunny Saturday afternoon in Berlin. They look back at how and why SoundCloud got started and talk about about startups to a group of entrepreneurs at the Berlin Startup Camp.


  • We launched a new app called Takes Questions, an audio style Q & A which gives your friends/followers a chance to ask you questions by giving you the choice to share your answers with the world!


Like always, the middle of the week was just packed with lots of fun remix submissions and contests:

  • Remix Roniit’s “Infernal Anxiety” for a chance to win $150 and be featured on the new album. Click here to head to the contest!
  • To celebrate the forthcoming release of their Loopmasters producer pack, Inland Knights are giving producers the opportunity to create their own original track using samples and inspiration from the armoury of Inland Knights production sounds. Head over to the contest here.
  • Our good friends Laptoprockers kindly started a SoundCloud group called “Remix Contest Group” to offer aspiring remixers a single page overview with all original tracks that are up for remixing at SoundCloud!



  • Every once in a while we stumble upon new, interesting SoundCloud stories. When they were writing material for their new album ‘Light the Shallows’, Melbourne-based indie rock band Tall Buildings used SoundCloud as a collaborative tool to help with their writing process. Check out our interview with Drew on how it went down.

Don’t forget to keep a look out for what’s going on this week at our Tumblr blog!