David Unmute Your City On Global Meetup Day!

Wouldn’t it be awesome if on Global Meetup Day, SoundClouders around the world create the song of their city? You could go out there, capture the sounds of your city and together with other SoundClouders re-use them in a song that reflects your city best. The Song Of Los Angeles? The Song Of Paris? The Song of Melbourne? If this sounds like you, then let’s unmute your city on May 25 and see your song featured right here on the blog afterwards.

Not a musician yourself? Not a problem at all. Everybody can participate:

Audio tour of your city: invite your friends to a sound safari across your city. Weird and odd, beautiful and frightening. Experience your city in a different way and record & share the sounds of your city with us and the world.

Sound City: in one minute or two, ask each other answering three simple questions: 1) Who are you 2) Where are you and 3) What’s special about your city and why. Ok, technically, that’s four but don’t tell anyone.

City Sound Ambassador: at your meetup with other SoundClouders ask them questions and record their favorite SoundCloud moments. Everyone’s got a story, we want to hear it.

Have another crazy-brilliant idea involving sounds? Let everybody know in the comments and go download our free iPhone and Android apps or find more awesome sound creation apps in the Apps Gallery to gear up.

Here’s how to get involved:

  1. Find out if there already is a meetup planned in your city or fill out this form so we can help you getting started and send you a meetup kit with shirts, stickers and name tags
  2. Set up your meetup over on our Meetup.com community from where you can spread the word to your friends
  3. Record a meetup shout-out in your language to inform friends & fans: http://soundcloud.com/upload
  4. Send us a tweet saying: “Hey @SoundCloud, I’m organizing a meetup in [insert your city] and we’re planning to [insert the awesomesauce you’re planning]!” and add the link to your recorded meetup shout-out so we can retweet it
  5. Be happy and get excited to see the sounds you create on the SoundCloud Meetup Map

Word on the street is that Santiago will be hosting a workshop and session at a music studio and that the Chicago meetup will be held at a book and music store with a guest appearance by SoundClouder Chill Factor-5. To get inspired, also check out these videos from meetups in Glasgow, London or Amsterdam.

SoundCloud’s Global Meetup Day is about you and your creations. Join thousands of SoundClouders in hundreds of cities all around the globe and together, let’s unmute your city.


  • cool.

  • Hello, Ooo, Dear Friends! Its beautiful idea. I will begin just know:

    Hey @SoundCloud, I’m organizing a meetup in “Lloret de Mar” and
    we’re planning to [include there days and nights, there nature, there SUN and beautiful See and very much of heart-light and LOVE]!” and add
    the link to your recorded meetup shout-out so we can retweet it I’m KREALISTNER IN SOUND CLOUD, A VERY PLEASED TO HAVE THIS OPORTUNITY.


    My name is Kostyantyn Khrebtov X-2275022-t 16/031983 Piscis

    My telephone num.: 689 86 00 73 or home num.: 972 36 34 32

    My mail: krealistner@gmail.com



  • Awesome!

  • Flashgunfilms

    Ray Wilkes (aka Flashgun Films) is seeking a composer for his next feature film. You may do just one scene or many. The project is in its infancy stages (first draft of script complete going through review). The genre is horror and will be shot in circa 6-8 months.

  • Hello Dear Ray Wilkes. I’d like to help you in project, how we will work? Please specify what exacly you need, or show me picture or videos, then I will propose you any composition.

    With Attention, Konstantin Khrebtov

  • Jim Ross

    I can help you.

    My e-mail ababba15@ukr.net

  • Whos doing a Meetup in Pittsburgh, PA, USA?? Or who would like to do one? Let me know. Send me a message or what not @DnconDUBs on Twitter!!!

  • Janethussain

    i am a singer/songwriter. i have written a song, called war child.

    great vocals on it. will be on my space soon.


    xfilez 22

    email janethussain@talktalk.net

    would like it on sound cloud, but i dont know how to do it.

    thanks. check it out.

  • shit yeah hell yeah! :)

  • Padded Thought

    any meet ups in Edmonton Alberta Canada? paddedthought@live.ca

  • K.Y. Mckay

    Dear Ray Wilkes, I’m replying to your call for music for your upcoming film. My name is K.Y. Mckay, I live in London and have a good deal of unpublished songs/instrumental pieces recorded over 30 years. I had a band in the early eighties signed to both Chiswick/E.M.I. and Stiff records under the band name “ALBANIA” who’s back catalogue is still available through Ace Records, back catalogue and Amazon under the name “Life After Death Is On The Phone” and you can also find some contemporary songs on a site called “Sellaband.com” where it’s referenced under the artist name ” K.Y. Mckay” I can be contacted on Facebook or at ky_mckay@z360.com

  • Andremacleuri
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    ….still dunno if some sc-staffers *also come to NYC on 5/25. Couldn’t find the merchandise tracking number in the request-app yet ;  best and peace ; http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=140012372738605 ; http://soundcloud.com/ewing2001/mc-nicomedy2010-sum-new-york


  • Mg04641

    HI there! My name is miguel Gutierrez i was wondering if you can listen my beats and tell me how they sound

  • viktor nevermind


  • Deniscatak

     Please help me ,i wanna be a great DJ and have many friends and party’s ! :) Im from Bosnia and Hercegovina (BiH) ,my citi is Bos.Gradiska (Gradiska)…Iff u wanna to help me in this,add me on my msn : deejaydenny@hotmail:disqus .com !
    Thanks ! 

    DeeJay Denny

  • Doctypebeats

    Hello, quite interested… Doing some OST For a Next Gen Console game, love environmental music, cheers. 

  • We will start one in Nashville, Join the universe http://www.seguniverse.com

  • Awesome, Nashville represent!

  • Kasanoma


  • Wayne Tennant

    My name is Wayne Tennant and I have been in the business for quite a while and open to any and all opportunities for my music to reach to the next level.

  • great

  • great

  • Jay_murano

    Bucharest Romania represent ….Cheers all.Check my sound!
       Best Regards! Jay Murano

  • MrTrauth

    I have a commercial I scored, and some other horror sample clips on my soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/seantrauth 

    I can, and currently do work long distance. 
    If you’re interested, contact me through my soundcloud.

  • I Like this! Saludos Soundclouders

  • Mbakengombagerard
  • Hi Friends,
    a very nice idea to make a Soundcloud day !!!
    Have a great and creative day !!!
    Best regards

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