David This Weeks SoundClouder of the Day

Did you miss any SCOTD’rs this week? Check out our recap below!


Recording mostly out of her laundry room, Eileen Coyle has created some cool, dreamy tracks. She was our SoundClouder of the Day on Monday and you can hear these tracks in the player below!


Latest tracks by goodbyeworldhellouniverse

Michael Garrison

Let Tuesday’s SoundClouder of the Day carry you away with his music! Have a listen to Michael Garrison and his creations.


Latest tracks by Michael Garrison


Arian is a hobby musician from Germany and our SoundClouder of the Day on Wednesday!


Latest tracks by Arian.

Rolf, Stavanger

Based in Norway, our SoundClouder of the Day Thursday is Rolf Eivind Braadland! Hear what he has to share in the player below or follow the link to his SoundCloud page.


Latest tracks by Rolf, Stavanger


Magical dream-hop by Mr. Soroosh Khavari was highlighted on Friday. Great blend of dreamy pads and wonky drums from Glasgow!


Latest tracks by Soosh

Hopefully you’ll have a great and productive weekend coming up! If you ever by chance want to find any of our other SoundClouders of the Day picks, visit the SoundClouder of the Day group. Cheers everyone!

  • Never heard music more accurately described than Soosh’s “magical dream-hop!” :)