David Introducing SoundCloud Labs

Our developers love coding. Not only do they love adding fresh new and improved code to the mothership SoundCloud.com but they also love coding on experimental projects after-hours and during Music Hack Days (San Francisco and Berlin coming up, by the way!)

Turns out that some of these projects and apps really add value to the core experience on SoundCloud so we thought why not to make these projects available to everyone. So here it is, SoundCloud Labs:

SoundCloud Labs is a dedicated site showcasing some of the experimental and cutting-edge projects our own developers built on top of the SoundCloud API. The first batch of Labs features include:

Social Unlock – allows you to create a create a customised page to promote and stream your new sounds and enable fans to share it on their social networks to unlock the download

Importer lets you easily import tracks to SoundCloud from a URL, via E-Mail or phone it in to a private line

Google Apps Gmail Plugin shows SoundCloud waveform players for track links in emails (for Google Apps accounts only)

Takes Questions lets your friends and followers ask you any question and share your answers with the world. TakesQuestions is simple, personalized audio Q&A

Give it a spin, follow @SoundCloudLabs on Twitter and let us know what you think in the comments. Don’t forget that while we’ll try to support these features as much as we can, they will remain experimental for now. And if you’re a developer yourself, stop by our developer site for the full intel on how to connect your app with SoundCloud.

There’s more over at The Next Web and Music Week.

7 thoughts on “Introducing SoundCloud Labs

  1. [jumpinwolf]

    Hey guys. You’re doing some pretty crazy things here, it’s pretty awesome. And to think I started using this place as an expansion to a promo platform I use. Keep up the good work guys. And hey, I have an idea! =D
    How about a list on the front page that shows the 25 newest tracks in a genre of the user’s choosing? I think that’d be great. =D

  2. GZPteam

    We here at thegzp.com have been wishing this would happen. It will be a great compliment to the electronic press kits our members use. And our memebr will only have to upload once!!

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  4. Steven Campbell

    Sweet! Already started using Takes Questions! :) Does SoundCloud Labs only display SoundCloud dev team-made projects?

    Also — I find it strange that, even though you’re using Disqus for comments, you cannot comment under a SoundCloud username.