David Introducing: Sound Bites!

We’re super excited to announce Sound Bites — a new contest series we’ll be hosting on SoundCloud, starting today! Here’s the deal: we give you an image, a video, a sound, or some other bit of inspiration, and you’ve got the weekend to create something.

You make a song, a field recording, a spoken poem, or whatever kind of sound you want, and submit it to our Sound Bites group for the competition. The only rules are:

  • the recording should be something original
  • you should make it this weekend
  • and it should be about the same length as the video.

We’ll go through them, and announce the winner on our blog this Wednesday, May 11, sometime during office hours in our Berlin HQ. Deadline for submissions is Tuesday, May 10 at 10pm CET.

This time around, we’ve teamed up with Vimeo and the film maker Remyyy, who’s provided a brand new video as this week’s prompt. Check out the video below:

Train/ElectricPoles/Sun/Set from Remyyy on Vimeo.

Now get to making some sounds! Remyyy, along with team members from Vimeo and SoundCloud will pick a winner, who will receive

Two runners-up will also receive t-shirt swag packs! Submit your tracks with the DropBox here.

Send us your sounds

Also, in case you want to test out the track and the audio together, you can use the nifty “Instant Music Video” tool made by former SoundClouder Thor Kell.

19 thoughts on “Introducing: Sound Bites!

  1. Io

    Ok gotta login to vimeo. But then I only get an error running quicktime. Seems like vimeo is using amazon cloud?

  2. Surfmuse

    What happens with the original soundtrack? Is it going to be playing along with whatever new audio is brought in?

  3. David Noël

    We’re waiting for the final videos with the winning submissions. We hope we
    can post today, if not, first thing tomorrow right here on the blog in a new

    Stay tuned :)