SoundCloud SoundCloud Local: Mexico City

Photo taken by kainet, found on Flickr

Hola! SoundCloud Local is heading to the Federal District and capital of Mexico this week. That’s right, it’s Mexico City and we’re highlighting five talented SoundCloud users. Hear what they’re all about below!

In the mood for some good ol’ 8bit beats? Look no further, producer Sidronio has some great tunes that will make you want to dance – or at least bob your head! Hear all the tracks he’s uploaded to SoundCloud below and feel free to check out his page at the link as well.

Influenced completely by the desire to explore, create and recreate, ‘mybravestmask’ (also known as Mauricio Ortega) wants to share his experimental sound art and music with you. It’ll take your mind places it’s never been before! If you like what you hear, you can head over to his SoundCloud page and give him a follow!

Playing alternative rock pop, Jimbo Rosso is a young musical act based in Mexico City working hard on some awesome stuff! They even have some official music videos out, their latest one is for their song, “Libelula”. With Spanish lyrics and a lot of passion, these guys are ready to shine!

Gustavo Jacob
Gustavo Jacob is a multi-talented musician who likes to keep himself busy producing alternative rock music solo and with other musicians. He also has some very cool videos you can watch here. Below (in the purple player) is a compilation of some of his work that you can listen to and enjoy!

André Pereda is Biuddha and he makes electronic drone music. Aside from Biuddha, André also has a collaboration project with another SoundClouder (Den5hion) called Dénima. Both projects/SoundClouders are very generous and allow free downloads of every track.

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If you’re in Mexico City, please join the SoundCloud Local group and submit your tracks!

And don’t forget: the next Global Meetup Day is happening on May 25th! Check out to see if there’s one scheduled in your area yet. If not, start your own! Hey, Mexico City: check out yours!

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