David Sound Bites #2 – Reverse Engineering

Two weeks ago we introduced Sound Bites — a contest series we’re hosting on SoundCloud. It was really awesome: over 70 great entries, and some fantastic winners. For those who didn’t play along last time, the idea is we give you an image, a video, a sound, or some other bit of inspiration, and you’ve got the weekend to create something.

You can make a song, a field recording, a spoken poem, or whatever kind of sound you want, and submit it to our Sound Bites group for the competition. The only rules are:

  • the recording should be something completely original, created, recorded, written by you
  • you should make it all between Wednesday, May 18 and Monday, May 23 at 10 pm CEST
  • it should be under three minutes long
  • please put the words “Sound Bites” in the title of the track
  • for the fine print, check out our Sound Bites Terms & Conditions

This time around, the theme of the challenge is reverse — so you have to incorporate sounds played backwards into your submission. There’s no limit on how much or how little has to be reversed, but we’ll be looking to reward creative submissions! Make sure “Sound Bites” is in the title, and submit away.

We’ll go through them, and announce the winner on our blog this Wednesday, May 25. Deadline for submissions is Monday, May 23 at 10pm CEST.

Now get to making some sounds! We here at Team SoundCloud will pick a winner, who will receive

  • a Premium upgrade to their SoundCloud account
  • and a SoundCloud t-shirt swag pack.

Two runners-up will also receive t-shirt swag packs! Submit your tracks with the DropBox here.

Enter Sound Bites #2!

Looking forward to hearing all of your submissions. Good luck!

  • I got ideas!

  • Garethfarmer1271

    Erm, is it the image of the Tshirt that is our inspiration for this, as i cant find a link to a video or anything?

  • Sign me up!
    oops…I mean :
    “!pu em ngiS”

    :) Sounds like fun

  • This is going to produce some really interesting entries – wish I were on the judging board to hear them all! :)

  • Bine

    yes, god sounds make fun ;-))) everytime ;-)

  •  Great! I’m gonna work on something right away.

  • Dulcet Jones

    Is there no video to go with this contest?(not that it would matter to what I’ve got so far?!, backwards indeed) 

  •  Nope, this time it’s an image, not a video

  • Yep, this time it’s an image 

  • Great!