This Weeks SoundClouder of the Day

This Weeks SoundClouder of the Day

Hey hey, it is Friday, gotta get down on Friday AND with out SoundClouder’s of the day. Did you miss anyone? They are all below!


Monday’s SoundClouder of the Day is a singer-songwriter from Manchester. Have a listen to Joshua Thomas!

Latest tracks by JoshuaThomas

Process Rebel

Process Rebel, our SoundClouder of the Day Tuesday, was a producer traversing the electronic music scene, focusing on dubstep, post-dancehall and global ghetto tech!

Dem Outta Here EP (Subinfinity Recordings/SUB002) by processrebel

Axel Thesleff

Axel Thesleff is Wednesday’s SoundClouder of the Day. Have a listen to his set inspired by T.S. Eliot’s poem “The Waste Land”!

The Waste Land by Axel Thesleff

Jako Jake

Classic rock and blues enthusiast, Jako Jake, was our SoundClouder of the Day Thursday!

Latest tracks by Jako Jake


We ended the week with ambient, atmospheric rhythms mixed with drums by Andy Arcostasi, who is from Brazil.

Latest tracks by Arcostasi

In case you might have missed any of our featured artists, feel free to check out our SoundClouders of the Day group. Have a great weekend everybody!

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