David This Week’s SoundClouders of the Day

Fridays are great! Aren’t they? It’s the day where we wrap everything up in preparation for the weekend. Why don’t you check out all of the excellent SoundClouders we highlighted this week?

Rebecca Peake

We started with Rebecca, who is writing and recording a new song every day for a year (!).


David Henderson

David is doing it all! He is a producer, composer, guitarist, controllerist and sound designer with over 35 years of experience.


Neil Milton

Ambient soundscapes, experimental and modern-classical music from a Neil, a Scot living in Warsaw, Poland.



Played saxophone for decades, but just recently started venturing into making his own music. Great stuff!


Hank & Mike

Uplifting ‘tanzmusik’ from Germany, combining of mellow pads with four-on-the-floor beats.


In case you might have missed any of our featured artists, feel free to check out our SoundClouders of the Day group. Have a great weekend, everybody!

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