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David Sound Bites #2 winners!

For most of the members of the SoundCloud community, this weekend probably passed like most others — going forward through time. For more then 40 others, though, the weekend was going backwards. And now that it’s over, we’re really excited to announce the winners of last weekend’s “reverse”-themed Sound Bites contest! Reverse effects can be subtle or obvious, jarring or soothing, straightforward or intricate. We were lucky enough to get some of every single kind in this weekend’s competition, so picking just three was tough. But we said there were going to be winners, and so there will be winners — and they’re great ones!

The first place winner and recipient of a SoundCloud Premium upgrade and a SoundCloud swag pack is Johnny Ripper of Lille, France. Johnny’s submission is all piano: the harmony chords are played in reverse, and the melody notes are played forwards. It’s a beautiful combination of sounds, and a great track to win the second Sound Bites competition!


blanktone (sound bites) by johnny_ripper

Next, our two runners up, whose excellent submissions earned them each a SoundCloud swag pack, and major props from the judges! First, we’ve got twobob, who along with SoundCloud user Special Kay on vocals, (singing backwards, no less!) has put together a pretty amazing track. Give it a listen!

Everything is backwards Feat Special Kay (Sound Bites) by q(O_o)b░ Twobob ░֟(x_●)֟

Our final winner was Calopteryx, of Murmansk, Russia. Not only did he make a great sounding track, he also performed some computer magic to embed the logo of the contest — a reversed SoundCloud cloud — into the frequency spectrum of the track itself! If you’ve never witnessed that kind of effect before, it’s sort of something you have to see to believe. Excellent work!

Calopteryx – Baby Dolphin [Sound Bites #2] by Calopteryx

A huge thanks again to every single entrant. It was so much fun to listen to all of the amazing submissions, and I can really recommend checking out all of these crazy backwards noises. Stay tuned for Sound Bites #3 coming soon!

David Found Sounds: Bug fix

Found Sounds is a SoundCloud community feature focusing on some of the most weird and wonderful sounds that can be found on SoundCloud. Count on new installments with some of our favorite sounds each Tuesday!

There are 200 million bugs for every human being on the planet. Wow. It makes sense, then, that some of those billions of critters would be real divas — and indeed, sometimes the sounds they make are pretty remarkable. They’re probably not buzzing, chirping, and humming for our benefit, but once we turn the microphone on them, they’re the stars!

If you put a pair of headphones on, close your eyes, and listen to our first sound from Found Sounds favorite Sounds Captured, be prepared to give yourself the willies. This incredibly intimate recording of a wasps’ nest was captured by sticking a pair of microphones directly into the entrance of the nest. You can actually hear the wasps attacking the microphones — creepy!

Wasps, Recorded Using Stereo Pair Of DPA4060 Microphones by Sounds Captured


The next sound is decidedly less creepy: a single cricket serendipitously chirping right by the recording hand of Juliano Zuca, who records as ozuka in São José dos Campos, Brazil. Crickets chirps are regular and correspond to the temperature they’re in, so this little guy’s got some consistent rhythm!

Cricket by ozuka


Today’s final sound gives a good demonstration of the power of sharing sounds. Sebastiane Hegarty recorded this anonymous insect in a dipping pond in Winchester, UK, and posted it just a few weeks ago to SoundCloud. A user named L’attrape son was able to identify the bug in question as Sigara dorsalis, or a “water boatman”. Whatever it is, what a great sound!

Subterranean what? by sebastiane_hegarty

That’s all for this week’s Found Sounds! Tune in next week for more crazy sounds from the ‘Cloud.

a bug… / Henrique Pinto / CC BY 2.0

David This Week in Tumblr: SoundRain, TWiST & more

It’s time again for the weekly summary of Tumblr activity from last week! In case you missed anything, here is an overview of what happened:


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