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David This Weeks SoundClouder of the Day

Hey hey, it is Friday, gotta get down on Friday AND with out SoundClouder’s of the day. Did you miss anyone? They are all below!


Monday’s SoundClouder of the Day is a singer-songwriter from Manchester. Have a listen to Joshua Thomas!

Latest tracks by JoshuaThomas

Process Rebel

Process Rebel, our SoundClouder of the Day Tuesday, was a producer traversing the electronic music scene, focusing on dubstep, post-dancehall and global ghetto tech!

Dem Outta Here EP (Subinfinity Recordings/SUB002) by processrebel

Axel Thesleff

Axel Thesleff is Wednesday’s SoundClouder of the Day. Have a listen to his set inspired by T.S. Eliot’s poem “The Waste Land”!

The Waste Land by Axel Thesleff

Jako Jake

Classic rock and blues enthusiast, Jako Jake, was our SoundClouder of the Day Thursday!

Latest tracks by Jako Jake


We ended the week with ambient, atmospheric rhythms mixed with drums by Andy Arcostasi, who is from Brazil.

Latest tracks by Arcostasi

In case you might have missed any of our featured artists, feel free to check out our SoundClouders of the Day group. Have a great weekend everybody!

SoundCloud SoundCloud Local: Copenhagen

Photo taken by JamesZ_Flickr, found on Flickr

Hej! For our 28th SoundCloud Local post, we’re visiting the Danish city, Copenhagen! Have a listen to the cool SoundCloud users we found below.

Marco Frydshou
Marco Frydshou is a composer, producer, and engineer. He’s also the founder and owner of a Danish music and sound recording studio called Chicago Sound. There, he composes, produces and records music that bridges classical composition & acoustic instruments with modern computer technology.

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Broken Birdie is a gloomy and experimental lo-fi/slowgaze one-woman-project. None of her tracks have been officially released yet, but you can hear all the ones she has on SoundCloud below! And don’t forget to head over to her SoundCloud page at the link to follow her.

Jesper Bak-Christensen
Jesper plays melancholic, deep and mellow music. He’s been playing guitar since he was a teen and his first encounter with electronic music was thanks to his sister. It surprisingly wasn’t his thing at first but as he grew older, he found that it worked well with his way of making music.

Unity Gain
Playing alternative rock with a focus on strong dynamics, Unity Gain ranges from minimalist to noise rock. The band is composed of Eva Maria, Karsten Viese, Klavs Dideriksen and Søren Christensen. They all like different kinds of music, but bring their diverse tastes together into the band, hence the band’s name!

Proofsound produces music for trailers, media and music libraries and is owned by composers Michele Brustia and Paul Bjoerling. They like to use both acoustic and electronic sound sources, and have an extensive range of cutting edge sounds and synthesizers.

Want more music from Copenhagen? Check out

If you’re in Copenhagen, please join the SoundCloud Local group and submit your tracks!

And next week, Global Meetup Day is happening — on Wednesday, May 25th! Check out to see if there’s one scheduled in your area, and start your own if there isn’t! Hej, Copenhagen: here’s yours!

Check out all our SoundCloud Local features to see if your area has already been featured.

David Sound Bites #2 – Reverse Engineering

Two weeks ago we introduced Sound Bites — a contest series we’re hosting on SoundCloud. It was really awesome: over 70 great entries, and some fantastic winners. For those who didn’t play along last time, the idea is we give you an image, a video, a sound, or some other bit of inspiration, and you’ve got the weekend to create something.

You can make a song, a field recording, a spoken poem, or whatever kind of sound you want, and submit it to our Sound Bites group for the competition. The only rules are:

  • the recording should be something completely original, created, recorded, written by you
  • you should make it all between Wednesday, May 18 and Monday, May 23 at 10 pm CEST
  • it should be under three minutes long
  • please put the words “Sound Bites” in the title of the track
  • for the fine print, check out our Sound Bites Terms & Conditions

This time around, the theme of the challenge is reverse — so you have to incorporate sounds played backwards into your submission. There’s no limit on how much or how little has to be reversed, but we’ll be looking to reward creative submissions! Make sure “Sound Bites” is in the title, and submit away.

We’ll go through them, and announce the winner on our blog this Wednesday, May 25. Deadline for submissions is Monday, May 23 at 10pm CEST.

Now get to making some sounds! We here at Team SoundCloud will pick a winner, who will receive

  • a Premium upgrade to their SoundCloud account
  • and a SoundCloud t-shirt swag pack.

Two runners-up will also receive t-shirt swag packs! Submit your tracks with the DropBox here.

Enter Sound Bites #2!

Looking forward to hearing all of your submissions. Good luck!