David Tumblr + SoundCloud = ♥

Tumblr and SoundCloud both are fantastic communities of people expressing themselves through the things they create; we think bringing them together is like a match made in heaven. So from today, we are thrilled to announce along with the fine folks from Tumblr that you can now easily share the sounds you create to Tumblr!

Here’s what we’ve made possible:

Record and share to Tumblr:

Capture any audio on-the-fly with our iPhone and Android apps and share your recordings directly to your Tumblr blog. This is super neat for impromptu interviews, commentary, breaking news, comedy or poetry – heck, pretty much anything you hear around you.

Meet Tumblr’s David at a spontaneous Tumblr meetup in Berlin? Hit the record button:

Here are some other nice recordings from Maura, Bijan, Caroline, David & Alex.

Auto-publish your new sounds and favorites:

In your advanced SoundCloud settings, you can now choose to automatically push favorites and new sounds you created to your Tumblr blog. Save time when sharing the sounds you create!

Super-easy sharing:

Found something on SoundCloud you like? Easily post to Tumblr by pushing the Share button on SoundCloud or grab the url and post it as an external source on Tumblr Audio posts.

Search SoundCloud on Tumblr:

When creating an audio post, you can now search, preview and post audio from SoundCloud to Tumblr.

Oh and in case you hadn’t noticed, we’re all big fans of Tumblr and a number of staffers use it every day for their personal blogs. Find out who does and follow at will!

Thank you team Tumblr for your hard work on getting this out in the wild. We can’t wait to see what happens when people capture and use sound in their everyday lives, ultimately making the web less silent.

  • Big step for mankind (sic).

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  • Bob Humid

    sorry guys. I am not a fan of this new implementation. since you changed some things I cant post the fancy soundcloud-players anymore into tumblr … http://bobhumid.tumblr.com 

    I get a new simple player when I use the tumblr-share-button in the soundcloud-file, but then I dont have a possibility to get a title for my blog-entry. … not even a link to the blog-entry!! 

    what the heck, all my old soundcloud-links are working nicely in my blog, but just any new one (some new code messed up with something) are not showing up. … is this a flash-issue?

    I tried both Chrome and Firefox …