This Week in Tumblr: Jay Stansfield, FiRe 2, Tumblr Love

This Week in Tumblr: Jay Stansfield, FiRe 2, Tumblr Love

Check out all the stuff that went on at our Tumblr blog last week. Everything rad is recapped below!



  • SoundCloud Spotted: Smashing Pumpkins, Arctic Monkeys, New Order, Battles, The Black Ships (ex-Verve), Ashton Kutcher and David Guetta!
  • The new version of the portable recorder FiRe just hit the shelves. FiRe stands for Field Recorder and the previous version of FiRe was one of the first apps with a native SoundCloud integration.
  • Lightning struck again! This week, it struck in the middle of Found Sounds, where we’ve collected a few of the very best rain and thunderstorm sounds in the ‘Cloud!




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