SoundCloud SoundCloud Local: Gothenburg

Photo taken by Gribiche, found on Flickr

For this week’s SoundCloud Local, we stopped by the second largest city in Sweden, Gothenburg! There, we found some very cool SoundCloud users. Have a peek below!

Det mekaniska undret
Gothenburg is well-known for its tram system, which covers most of the city, thus makes it the most extensive tram system in Sweden. A project called “Det mekaniska undret” has a 10 track album/soundtrack which illustrates a journey from one side of Gothenburg to the other.

Chanting Cafeteria Project
Chanting Cafeteria Project is a “love relationship between wavelengths and silence”. As material existence gives these guys nourishment and pleasure, this love relationship brings some serious inner and outer experiences of consciousness. And, that is how they enjoy experiencing life!

Compute is a synthpop-project with a little bit of dirt in it. The project is an attempt to combine past, present and future in many tracks. Compute would like that each one of her tracks be special to someone, so if you’re that someone, check her out by listening to her tracks below!

Hermetic loves to find that ambient sound while in the process of creating music, which helps him achieve an ultimate well-being. He’s a regular uploader to SoundCloud so follow him at the link below to get his updates, which will for sure make you dance! If not a lot, then at least a little bit!

Walid Feghali
wf_soundcloud_bloggBesides studying mechanical engineering in a technical university, Walid Feghali also enjoys writing a lot of different music, ranging from orchestral film score, metal, folk music, and more! He is a 21 year old composer based in Gothenburg and you can hear what he’s all about in the black player.

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