David This Weeks SoundClouders of the Day

Did you miss any of the SoundClouders of the day this week? Yes? Well, we have them all recapped below for you to enjoy!

Morgan Manifacier

We started the week off with some relaxing, guitar tracks by Morgan Manifacier, Mondays SoundClouder of the Day!


Latest tracks by Morgan Manifacier


Ukrainian-born ambient composer, Heinali, was SoundClouder of the Day Tuesday!


Latest tracks by heinali


CJ Darnieder is our SoundClouder of the Day today! He’s a young Milwaukee-based twenty-two chamber and orchestral songwriter.


Latest tracks by CJDcomposer


Check out these beats by Deep Lemon (aka Daniel Plemon), Thursdays SoundClouder of the Day!


Latest tracks by DeepLemon


Our Friday SoundClouder of the Day is frankenbimbo, based in Dublin, Ireland! Check out his instrumentals.


Latest tracks by frankenbimbo

In case you might have missed any of our featured artists, feel free to check out our SoundClouders of the Day group. Have a great weekend everybody!

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    yo’ SoundCloud..I’m listening up..w/Lv. http://www.morphoglyph.com

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    They should not only have lots of Ph.D’s like Google has, but they should hire some people who haven’t even finished