This Week in Tumblr: Jamie XX, “Soccer”/Football Sounds, Karaoke in the Park

This Week in Tumblr: Jamie XX, “Soccer”/Football Sounds, Karaoke in the Park

Check out all the stuff that went on at our Tumblr blog last week. Everything rad is recapped below! Enjoy!





  • SoundCloud Voices >> This week we’re taking a look at the world of sport on SoundCloud – football to be precise.  No not American football, real football, sometimes known as soccer – but let’s not get into that :-).
  • For this week’s SoundCloud Local, we stopped by the second largest city in Sweden, Gothenburg! There, we found some very cool SoundCloud users. Have a peek!




  • Oh look! That’s our own Parker from the Community team sporting a SoundCloud shirt at the Bearpit Karaoke in Berlin.

Don’t forget to check out what’s happening this week at our Tumblr blog!

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