Fun Friday: Meet Eleftherios Diakomichalis

Fun Friday: Meet Eleftherios Diakomichalis

It is another Fun Friday in Berlin! Say hello to Ele, the newest Analytics/Marketing intern to join the team! Read his interview below and hear his audio “hello” message!

Hej Ele! What’s up!?

Yo. I am doing great!

Cool! Welcome to the ‘Cloud. What’s your role? What do you like about it so far?

I am working within the awesome analytics/ marketing team in SoundCloud HQ in Berlin. Actually I have two roles. One is doing quantitive analysis and preparing weekly reports for everything interesting happening in the ‘Cloud, while the second one includes creating, executing and measuring SoundCloud marketing campaigns. In general, I love working with numbers!

I hear you come from a warm country! Can you tell us about it and let us know how re-location went for you?

I come from Greece. I grew up in Athens, (big ‘Hi’ to all my friends in Greece), though the last three years I was abroad, studying in Rotterdam-the Netherlands, California-US and now in Berlin.

The relocation was adventurous. Being pretty picky at the beginning, I spent some time on flat-search, changing hotel/hostel rooms like crazy. However, SoundCloud staff was so helpful and Berlin is such a great city that I finally found my way here and I love it!

That is great to hear! So I want to know – What kind of shows do you like going to?

In general, I like music that makes me think and move at the same time. So gigs and artists that meet these criteria are on my list. This can vary from punk-rock to hip hop/ trip hop and from dubstep/DnB to blues and funk. At the end it’s all about my mood and the artist.

What do you like about Berlin so far?

I love the political history of Berlin, which makes this place what it is. I love the fact that there are so many things going on here, literally every hour of the day + the arts scene is amazing.

Any favorite sounds on the ‘Cloud right now?

Hmm…too much good music recently on my dashboard. Latest Long arm project is definitely really cool:

Oh and something else. People out there, keep in mind that SoundCloud is not only the coolest music/tech company on the web but also it is home of some really talented musicians. I love the fact that my co-workers make so good music:

Can you give us a few reasons why someone should join SoundCloud, or our team in particular?

Awesome product, great atmosphere and some of the best people to work with. Since I joined SoundCloud I am developing my skills more and more every day. I couldn’t imagine better coworkers and supervisors.

Lastly, are there any fun facts about yourself that you can share?

I am a business guy, so no fun facts from me…hahaha! No..that was a big joke, there are many funny things happening in my life. I used to sing and play the guitar in a hardcore band in Greece + I am having fun listening to non-Greek people failing to pronounce my pretty easy name. :P

Thanks for the interview Ele! Make sure to say hello to him in the comment section below!

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