This Week in Tumblr: 5 million! , Apple , Bjork

This Week in Tumblr: 5 million! , Apple , Bjork

Check out all the stuff that went on at our Tumblr blog last week. Everything rad is recapped below! Enjoy!




  • It’s still Dienstag on the West Coast, Deutsch Dienstag!
  • This week on Remixes/Contests/Submissions…So, you all know that Retro/Grade make rhythmic noise, but now they want to hear your rhythmic noise! // Brandon Howard (affectionately known by his stage name ‘B. Howard’) is an American recording artist, producer, songwriter, and a rising star in the global music scene. // After ten years Jake Bailey has finally decided to release his own album ‘Acres of Sky’ on June 20th and he’s offering you the chance to participate in the album launch by creating your own unique remix of the single ‘Infatuation Never Dies’.


  • Great use case!
  • Jamiroquai want to ’Spread the Smile’ using SoundCloud and Webdoc. Tried embedding SoundCloud with Webdoc yet?
  • SoundCloud Voices: What up y’all?  Another week, another post on some of the spoken word activity on SoundCloud.  You may have noticed our post about 5 million users yesterday with the ThingLink infographic and the likes of Foo Fighters, donuts, birds and our new addition – Ashton Kutcher?  If no, allow us to use it as a segway to this week’s topic – famous people talking, in a variety of forms.

  • Oh, looky here! What’s that on the right side of this Apple campaign? Why yes! It’s a SoundCloud logo :)


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