SoundCloud SoundCloud Local: Sydney

Photo taken by bdearth, found on Flickr

Today is a very special SoundCloud Local day. Here’s a little back story:

Back in February, we teamed up with Vimeo for a Weekend Project during which Vimeo creators would use a song from SoundClouder Vanchy as the soundtrack to a video they would create over the weekend. The results were stunning and a girl from Sydney named Trixie was a runner-up for the contest. This was her video.

We stayed in touch with Trixie (she’s great!) ever since that day and when we decided to cover Sydney for this week’s SoundCloud Local, we thought “Why not ask Trixie if she’d like to get involved, meet the five SoundClouders below and capture it all with her camera?”; Trixie said “Oh yes!” and off she ran to film the video! It is nothing short of amazing and left us speechless and smiling when we first watched it:

SoundCloud Local: Sydney from Trixie Barretto on Vimeo.

Thank you so much, Trixie, for all the hard work you put into this. It is people like you who make the world (and the web) such a great place. And a huge thanks to Ben, Elizabeth, Fronz Arp, Mark and Andrew, who appeared in the video :)

So not only did we find five amazing SoundCloud users in the lovely city of Sydney but we also caught them all on camera. Learn more about each SoundClouder below!

Elizabeth Rose
Elizabeth Rose is a young electronica producer and singer-songwriter with inspiration from Fever Ray, Bat For Lashes and Björk. This 20 year-old is ready to shine and is now producing her debut EP, which she started after her self-produced demos attracted some attention. You can hear some of these demos below!

Andrew Bishop
Andrew Bishop is a Sydney-based flute player! He enjoys exploring the realms of Acousmatic and Electroacoustic music and is currently studying his an MA degree. Andrew also moderates two groups on SoundCloud (Australian Experimental Music & The Flute Group). Hear his sound art below!

Fronz Arp
Fronz Arp is a solo project that’s described as “Indie Vaudeville Folk Rock Trash”. If you listen below, you’ll hear vaudevillian ukulele, strings and dramatic, seesawing melodies. His project has been compared to David Bowie, Tom Waits, Muse and Kate Bush. Interesting combination, right?

Soft Enerji
Soft Enerji, also known as Mark Blane, is a born again Australian with Scottish roots. Residing in Sydney with his family, he makes music during his spare time and uploads it to the ‘Cloud. You can hear the ambient electronic tracks he creates below and head on over to his SoundCloud page for more!

Ben Carey
Ben Carey specializes in the performance of contemporary music. He works regularly with young composers focusing on new works for the saxophone in a variety of contexts. The tracks he uploads to SoundCloud are a mixture of his work as a performer and composer of electroacoustic music.

If you’re looking for more music from Sydney, check out

Also, users in Sydney, join the SoundCloud Local group and submit your tracks. We’d love to hear them!

To everyone who’s on the ‘Cloud, check out to see if a SoundCloud event is coming your way, or start your own! Check out our SoundCloud Local features to see if your city has already been featured!