Fun Friday: Meet Mark Dewings

Fun Friday: Meet Mark Dewings

Today, meet new Berlin SoundCloud employee Mark Dewings! But first listen to his audio message below!

Fun Friday: Meet Mark Dewings! by SoundCloud Community Team

Hej Mark! How’s things?

Wunderbar! (see that? only 6 weeks in Berlin and I’m already getting to grips with the language!)

You are brand new to the SoundCloud HQ in Berlin! Welcome! Can you tell us what your role entails and what you enjoy most about it so far?

Sure. I’m part of the marketing team working hard to let everyone know what an awesome platform SoundCloud is and communicating the amazing things we’re doing to the entire world! mwwwuhahahahah! (said stroking white cat on knee)

How was re-locating for you? What do you like most about Berlin so far?

I’m a brit but have bounced around North America for the last 8 years, mostly settling in New York. I lived in Brooklyn most recently and Berlin feels very much like Brooklyn’s twin borough. So I’m enjoying being back in Europe and exploring this uber-creative city.

How were you introduced to SoundCloud?

I’d been working in big, global ad agencies and decided to take a career break to get into music – perform, take classes, etc. It was supposed to be 18 months but half way through I was uploading some of my own music to SoundCloud and happened to click on the jobs section. Bam! I thought I’d struck gold. A job where I could bring my hobby and skills together. A few months and 4,000 miles later here I am!

What do you like most about being a part of the SoundCloud team?

There’s an energy here that is pretty unusual and very exciting. It feels like we’re creating something big that will have a lasting impact on the way people think about, create and share sound. And that’s not just some marketing spin! You can really feel it in the air (or maybe that’s the shoes that seem to have been left under my desk…).

What are your favorite sounds you have found while scouring SoundCloud?

Shameless plugs are okay, right?! My old bandmate from Brooklyn moved to Milan to set up a studio there and we’ve started to put a band together. We’re in the early stages and this is the first (mostly done live) track we’ve created. Oh, and we don’t have a band name yet, so any suggestions, let me know!

One of the best things about SoundCloud is finding lesser known artists and bands. One I discovered through this very blog is Daughter. The lead singer has such a lovely, haunting voice that I just had to go and see them live when I was last in London. Brilliant show.

Also, even though I started using SoundCloud as a musician I’ve been getting really into all the other sounds that we have on the platform. I used to be pretty obsessed by comedians Dave Gorman and Danny Wallace, so was pleased to see this guy pop up the other day…

Finally, do you have any fun facts that we should know about?

Hmm. I’ve had a lot of bizarre jobs – deli counter assistant, accountant, Spanish nightclub promoter…. I could go on and on! I also have a number of funny stories about random B-list celebrity encounters, but I’m not sure this is right place to share those…

Get in touch with me at:
Twitter: /markdewings
SoundCloud: /markdewings

Thanks Mark! Make sure to say hello to him in the comments!

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