SoundCloud SoundCloud Local: Odessa

Photo taken by S.Harmony, found on Flickr

Located in the Southern part of Ukraine, we’re saying hello to Odessa! Besides being the fourth largest city in Ukraine and a major seaport on the Black Sea, Odessa has some very cool, unique SoundCloud users. Hear five of them below!

Serge Seletskyy
Born and raised in Odessa at the time of the USSR, Serge Seletskyy is a musical soundtrack writer. At the age of 6, Serge started playing the piano and since then, his most favorite thing to do is to play music by ear. When he turned 15, he started to focus on classical music just to ease the soul.

Collage Noire
If you’re into something a little darker with some cinematic, downtempo, jazzy aspects to it, have a listen to Collage Noire. They’ll take your mind to a different part of the world. Check them out below and head over to Collage Noire’s SoundCloud page to follow their updates.

Mike Kharlan
This guy likes to play around with Ableton and create balearic progressive trance tracks for people to get down to! For him, it’s not just about the music, it’s all about his passion. Creating music is beyond a hobby, it’s a way of living and it’s essential! Wouldn’t you agree?

Fat Frumos
Now, it’s time for some 8bit, hardcore, indie electronic music by Fat Frumos, also known as Dima Kovalev or Cat Frumos! His stuff will keep you going throughout your day, especially if you’ve had a lot of sugar. Give his music a try and check it out in the flamboyant player.

And here’s Fleischesmarkt, which actually means meat market in German. But in this case, Fleischesmarkt is two Odessa-based students named Alexey Volusunov & Konstantin Karpin. The duo was founded in early 2009 while both of them were studying in the art and philosophical faculty of their school.

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