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David This Week in Tumblr: 5 million! , Apple , Bjork

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  • It’s still Dienstag on the West Coast, Deutsch Dienstag!
  • This week on Remixes/Contests/Submissions…So, you all know that Retro/Grade make rhythmic noise, but now they want to hear your rhythmic noise! // Brandon Howard (affectionately known by his stage name ‘B. Howard’) is an American recording artist, producer, songwriter, and a rising star in the global music scene. // After ten years Jake Bailey has finally decided to release his own album ‘Acres of Sky’ on June 20th and he’s offering you the chance to participate in the album launch by creating your own unique remix of the single ‘Infatuation Never Dies’.


  • Great use case!
  • Jamiroquai want to ’Spread the Smile’ using SoundCloud and Webdoc. Tried embedding SoundCloud with Webdoc yet?
  • SoundCloud Voices: What up y’all?  Another week, another post on some of the spoken word activity on SoundCloud.  You may have noticed our post about 5 million users yesterday with the ThingLink infographic and the likes of Foo Fighters, donuts, birds and our new addition – Ashton Kutcher?  If no, allow us to use it as a segway to this week’s topic – famous people talking, in a variety of forms.

  • Oh, looky here! What’s that on the right side of this Apple campaign? Why yes! It’s a SoundCloud logo :)


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David This Week’s SoundClouders of the Day

Did you miss any of the SoundClouders of the Day this week? Peep them below and have a fantastic Friday!

Damaged Man

To start off your week we showed you some amazing beats care of Damaged Man — Monday’s SoundClouder of the Day!

The Gold Room

Based out of Nashville, we’re highlighting rock band, The Gold Room, as our SoundClouder of the Day Tuesday!


Our 200th SoundClouder of the Day captures nature sounds in various eco-systems and habitats on Canada’s East Coast. Check out Wild Earth Voices!


An explorer of random noise, music and everything in between, Fed By Machines is an electronic musician based out of the Netherlands. He doesn’t like to limit himself to one genre, so check out what his music is like below.

Nigel Mines

To end the week off right, we put the spotlight on singer-songwriter and acoustic guitarist, Nigel Mines. He’s based near Bath, UK, and sometimes appears under the name One Cat Broke. So be on the lookout!

In case you might have missed any of our featured artists, feel free to check out our SoundClouders of the Day group. Have a great weekend everybody!

David Sound Bites #3 winners, and announcing Sound Bites #4!

Last month was Global Meet Up day: hundreds of you participated all around the world, and you might have even seen some of the highlights we posted. In Berlin we did something special an audio scavenger hunt. And not only did everybody who participated have a great time, but we kept the fun rolling by bundling up all the samples and using them two weeks ago in the third Sound Bites competition. We got some pretty incredible entries: seriously, every single submission is totally awesome and creative. But it’s not a contest without winners, so without further ado, here are our top three!

The first place winner and recipient of a SoundCloud Premium upgrade and a SoundCloud swag pack is Liam Cooke of Dublin, Ireland. Naturally some of the scavenged sounds in Berlin included spoken German, and Liam managed to cut it up and mix it around enough that it sounds like a totally alien language. Great work, and great use of the samples.


Renilreb (Sound Bites) by Nova Solus

Each of our two runners up get swag packs with SoundCloud t-shirts and stickers. And of course, bragging rights and the eternal jealousy of their friends. We’ve got Adi Chase of the UK, whose glitchy “Street Music” uses a bunch of the recorded sounds in a fun and interesting way.

Our final winner is Vinay Sudera‘s track “Retro/Future Clash”. Using so many of the samples as percussive elements was certainly a cool trick — check out the ticket machine sound — and of course it didn’t hurt to have the word “SoundCloud” in the lyrics so often :). Great work, and an altogether great track.

A huge thanks again to every single entrant. It was so much fun to listen to all of the amazing submissions, and I can really recommend checking out the rest of them.

Sound Bites #4

But now that we’ve got that wrapped up, it’s time to look at Sound Bites #4! This time around, the challenge is speaking in tongues.

All submissions have to include vocals (or something that resembles vocals) but they must speak some language not known by humans :). As always, you can submit a musical track, or any other kind of sound — a monologue, a poem, a soundscape — and submissions will be rewarded for creativity! As a recap, here are the rules:

  • the recording should be something completely original, created, recorded, written by you
  • you should make it all between Friday, June 17 and Monday, June 20 at 10 pm CEST
  • it should be under three minutes long
  • please put the words “Sound Bites” in the title of the track
  • for the fine print, check out our Sound Bites Terms & Conditions

As with previous Sound Bites contests, we’ll be giving a Premium upgrade to the big winner, and exclusive swag packs to two runners up!

So submit your entries to the Sound Bites #4 group by June 20 at 10pm CEST using the DropBox below.

Enter your sounds here!