Found Sounds: Fireworks!

Found Sounds: Fireworks!

Found Sounds is a SoundCloud community feature focusing on some of the most weird and wonderful sounds that can be found on SoundCloud. Count on new installments with some of our favorite sounds each Tuesday!

What says celebration better than the big, loud, bright, colorful explosions of fireworks? Whether for New Years around the world, or yesterday’s Fourth of July celebrations in the United States, they’re a surefire indicator of something to be happy about. And they’re not only a spectacle for the eyes, but a quite distinctive and interesting set of sounds as well!

Today’s first fireworks Found Sound comes from SoundCloud user Timothy Muirhead of Toronto, Canada, who records as AzimuthAudio. He recorded the New Year’s Eve fireworks launched from a frozen lake in Northern Ontario, and — if you listen closely — the celebration afterwards. It doesn’t sound like a big professional show, which means there are more great fireworks sounds to hear.

New Years Fireworks EDIT by azimuthaudio


Up next is a sound fresh off the press, coming from Steve Saldivar in East Los Angeles. He recorded the Fourth of July fireworks yesterday and uploaded them immediately — which means this great sound is still under 24 hours old! In case you missed the fireworks yesterday, this would be a great way to get your fix: just pop on some headphones, close your eyes, and imagine the show. The two minutes of this recording sound like they come from the finale, too…

Fireworks east losangeles by stevesaldivar


The next sound today eschews the big fireworks show sounds in favor of a closer examination of a single firework. This one’s by sound effects wizard Chuck Russom, and it’s a close-up recording of one of his favorites, the Ground Blossom Flower. In a blog post from last year, he describes a bit of the recording process. Like this sound and want to use it as an effect? You’re in luck: he’s discounted his “Fireworks” library for a few more days.

GroundFlower by crussom


The last sound in this week’s Found Sounds comes all the way out of Beijing, China. SoundCloud user niubi used his iPhone to make a recording of some pretty intense fireworks at the Chinese New Year celebrations a few months back. Give it a listen!

Fireworks Beijing Chinese New Years Eve 2011 by niubi

photo: Fireworks by bayasaa, released under CC BY 2.0

That’s all for this week’s Found Sounds! Tune in next week for more crazy sounds from the ‘Cloud.

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