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With the Jura mountains and Lake Geneva as this Swiss city’s neighbours, Lausanne has a breathtaking landscape and a quaint atmosphere. Below, you can hear some of the SoundCloud users located in this city. Some have tunes which are a contradiction to the calm characteristic of the city and others have tracks that coincide well with the city’s tranquility.

Fab Noname
Fabrice started out producing tracks that could be categorized as electro, house, techno and all that jazz in 1996. Then, 2008 came along and he picked up an electric guitar! He got so into it that he started up his own studio a couple of years ago and has been improvising ever since.

Nixdorux is a SoundCloud user who has some tracks that go well with the set-up of Lausanne. He taught himself how to play music from a young age and has been enjoying it ever since. He does all of this for fun and has some calm – and cool – tracks for you. Have a listen in the player below!

Alex Molaschi is known as 7AM on SoundCloud. He also began developing his music skills at a young age, i.e. 12! He started to get serious about it when he was around 13/14 years old. At this time, he started making his own songs with a computer program and continues to create and upload on a regular basis.

Cloud Formation
Cloud Formation is an audio engineer and producer currently based in Lausanne. He studied at SAE Byron Bay and graduated last year. Now, he is producing hip-hop and D&B tracks. He’s also looking for a musical partnership! Have a listen below and if you’re musically inclined, let him know if you’re up for a partnership.

Jack Is Dead
Jack Is Dead is a Swiss trio that has just released their second album! After their first album, they decided to change their style. The lead guitarist/singer, Yves-Ali, is an Iranian-Swiss who sings about questioning the concepts of friendship, love, and brotherhood when they are immersed in an atmosphere of panic.

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  • Yves Ali

    Nice job Soundcloud ! Thank your for your help, cheers from Lausanne !
    Jack is Dead soon again live with a traditionnal iranian orchestra and new arrangements ! Festival de la Bâtie, Geneva, Sept. 14th, Théâtre de L’Echandole, Yverdon, Sept. 16th