David The Community Fellowship Program: Meet Our Fellows And Their Projects

“Good ideas are common – what’s uncommon are people who’ll work hard enough to bring them about” — Ashleigh Brilliant

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the start of our Community Fellowship Program that will feature members of the community who are bringing good ideas to life. We share the enthusiasm of people who believe in the power of sounds to express themselves, find meaning in the world around them and connect people. That’s why we’re helping to support the projects they are passionate about.

In this post, we’re inviting you to meet and learn about the first 4 of 6 Fellows of our first Fellowship class.

Sounds Of My City:

Katie Needs (pictured right) from Toronto is working on a project called Sounds Of My City (follow her Tumblr and Twitter), a collaborative, community-oriented exploration of Toronto’s many sounds. The main goal of the project is to create a collective audio archive of Toronto – a sound map of the little corners, big streets, distinct neighborhoods, parks, landmarks, events and festivals that make up Toronto’s soundscape. Want to get involved? Share the sounds of your city with Katie below. In Katie’s words:

Follow the Sounds Of My City project:

Tumblr: http://soundsofmycity.tumblr.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/soundsofmycity
Participate: submit the sounds of your city

United Sounds:

Our second Fellow is Alex Stiver (also from Toronto and pictured left) and her project United Sounds (on Twitter). The United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) outlines the rights to which people around the world are entitled. In over 370 languages, the UDHR is the most widely translated text in THE WORLD! Pretty cool. Alex will encourage as many audio recordings of the Declaration representing as many translations as possible. Varied sounds, same important message, all stored in one accessible place on SoundCloud. From Abkhaz to Zulu, these recordings we will bring the UDHR to life through the sounds and the stories of people around the world. We cannot wait. If you speak one of the many languages, make sure to message Alex through SoundCloud. In Alex’s words:

Follow the United Sounds project:

SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/groups/united_sounds
Twitter: http://twitter.com/United_Sounds
Participate: Record the UDHR in your language

Without Walls:

Ever wondered how people interact with public art installments in the streets of New York City? That’s a question our third Fellow Eduardo Lipe (in the middle) is trying to answer in a project called The Without Walls Project.

For the next three months Eddie will be documenting public art spaces, big and small, in all of Manhattan and some of Queens and Brooklyn. In addition, he’ll be heading out to other cities along the East Coast to add a little bit of non-NYC flavor and on a weekly basis he’ll be making maps for each of the neighborhoods documented and bringing them to life thanks to ThingLink. In Eddie’s words:

Follow the Without Walls project:

Tumblr: http://withoutwallsproject.tumblr.com/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/withoutwallspjt
Participate: http://withoutwallsproject.tumblr.com/participate

The Silk Road In Stereo:

And last but not least: what does 10,000 km across the world’s largest landmass sound like? Follow our fourth Fellow Kara van Malssen (not pictured) and her project The Silk Road In Stereo on an audio exploration across Europe, Central Asia, and Mongolia. The journey along the ancient Silk Road – through countries including Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan – will be dedicated to collecting the sounds of the diverse landscape, she’ll capture as much of the soundscape as possible – markets,  conversations, performances, bazaars, traffic, nature, and anything else that comes across our recorders. The result will be a series of carefully curated audio pieces presented on SoundCloud and silkroadinstereo.com.

Follow The Silk Road In Stereo project:

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/silkroadnstereo
SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/silk-road-in-stereo

Whoa, that’s quite an amazing set of projects by our very first generation of Community Fellows. We’ll keep you posted about the progress as the projects progress so watch this space often.

Do you have an amazing project that would qualify for a Fellowship? Pitch your idea in the comments for a chance to get selected as an official Community Fellow.

44 thoughts on “The Community Fellowship Program: Meet Our Fellows And Their Projects

  1. Anonymous

    Hell yes I got, it’s called lovetronic and it’s running for nearly 10 months now. Our goal is to reach the real audience, passionate lovers of electronic music out there. Target group are still the small artists which produce extremely awesome music but get no attention because the rest of the world is still listening to VEVO-Channels on YouTube.

    If you need more information about it, just drop me a line at hi@lovetronic.at, I would love to join the fellowship so much, because I simply love SoundCloud! :D

  2. Ruben Brito

    My project is writing a song out of each book of the Bible.  I have 45 songs now after writing during June and July.  I hope to have this project wrapped up for the end of August and have 66 songs.  These songs range from folk, bossanova, rock, and pop.  Drafts are posted here on soundcloud and final drafts will be posted here as I get time.


  3. Audnoyz (steve)


    What follows is about music as a means of communication.

    My hope is that it will help others in the same way: that it aids one person in communicating to a loved one something unimaginably difficult, that this music helps one person gain further insight into the pain of another. And, for one person to say, with a tiny bit of relief, “this is what it feels like” and, then for two beings to become closer…
    I composed C-Head over a year ago and I did not find the true meaning in it until March 31, 2011. That’s the day this music did for me all that it needs to do:  it helped two people I love dearly with their Cancer struggle.  This piece of music helped a person living with Carcinoid Cancer, soldiering through a Chemo regimen, move another person closer in understanding to what it feels like inside their head.
    http://www.facebook.com/pages/C-Head/179419005445287?sk=infoThis is what I wrote back in March 2011:A sad, exciting, blessed thing happened today…It actually started yesterday when I was listening to dear Brenda tell me of her recent struggles with her Chemo regime and in particular the negative side effects it was having on her cognition. As she put it jokingly Cotton brain, like her head was filled with cotton balls or that soft cushie bath tissue… funny not so. The forgetfulness hit me full on at 10AM this morning when I got a text from Brenda asking what we decided on how we were to meet as she forgot…After I got home last evening I pulled up one of the new songs for the Audnoyz II project I have been immersed in the last month finalizing. As it turns out, I pulled up a piece I composed a year ago that I have been calling Middle Mush Pit. The track is dark. And visceral is the word that I think describes much of the sound that makes the piece. Raw at times, grating, perhaps, abit un-nerving. I can’t say the piece came from pain per say just ‘aud’ art.  While driving into Boston I was listening to the current state of the album and then Middle Mush Pit came on and immediately it came to me: “C-Head.” Yes, C-Head as in Cottonelle, Cotton, Chemo, Cancer -Head.  The piece became the embodiment, my expression, my reaction, my raw feelings for something I have never personally experienced.  It is the emotional connection of Brenda’s telling of her struggle with Cancer treatment and what “C-Head” feels like.I met Brenda and we talked about stuff I could only do in person such as finding her path through this horrible place. So, I coaxed her to my car and put on the tune . She looked into me and said this is “what it feels like.” The lunacy, the screaming going on inside her head, the toxic stew that is part of her being, acrid chemical, painful, yuk..She shared a recent interchange with Maggie where Maggie said sadly “I don’t know how you feel.”  And how could she or anyone not afflicted or enduring such medical treatment.  Brenda then said I want to give this to Maggie and say this is what it feels like…Phew.  My thought on this is simple.  The meaning of art is expression, communication, about sharing some of yourself, about moving others, and making an artistic contribution to the World. And that’s where this art has done for me all it needs to do. In that, it helped  a person communicate to a loved one something …  something unimaginable without personally experiencing. Something in the form of my music that helped one person gain further insight into the pain of another. And for one person to say with one tiny bit of relief “this is what it feels like” and, then for two beings to become closer… that’s the gist of this most sad, exciting, blessed event. -Steve (aka audnoyz)

  4. Ryanmeakin

    i really need to work djing all around the world — presenting progressive/breakbeat classics encountering my soundwave, ravers shall indulge themselves with the chilled out acidchouse noise taken melodys and i’ll be sending the music all around the magical room,in there heads and around the atmosphere,peaced out revellers enjoying my Sound x i hope pray, and wish everyday                     Roko…

  5. Maksimilian

    Those sound like some darn cool projects, wish I could get involved in something like that

  6. Barrie Jones

    Nice one Soundcloud.. Hi Soundcloud Fellows! Most laudable, your fellowship programme!. Zuludruid, recorded initially at Mitchell’s fold stone circle in Shropshire, England, is the first piece of a concept project; ‘Limitless’, a journey through the ancient sites, first of Britain, then the world, during which I will be recording, musically, the feeling and impression the space makes upon me, also collaborating with visual artists to form sensory representations of these ancient and sacred sites. Rock on! Barrie V

  7. Jake Meacham

    Interesting and potentially world changing projects. Encouraging change and encouraging others to live their lives, that’s what music, ambience, and language are all about. I would love to tour the world and incorporate the sounds of other cultures into my music, props to the folks out there already doing it.

    Be the change you want to see in the world. Cheers.

  8. Jady from soundcloud

     I will be honest. I am trying to express my own feelings trough music but I always get the feeling that what I create doesn’t fit, like I’m not good at all with these domain. I would really appreciate it if someone could give some help, in matter of genre or I don’t know….. I guess I would like to know if my type of music is something good or if I am just wasting my time… Thanks in advance

  9. Billybodean

    i have been writing a song a week every week of this year and im releasing 4 albums over the course of the year. at the moment im working on a concept album based on the quote “music will encapsulate a moment in time better than the history books” – Frank Zappa. 


  10. Shanda Boyett

    My alter ego is Music Crush Girl. (www.musiccrushgirl.tumblr.com and @musiccrushgirl on twitter)

    My objective is nothing world-changing. I just love music and learning about new bands. I use soundcloud to connect more intimately with my followers. I record songs when i’m out listening to live shows. I share those tracks with my followers and it gives them a sense of what it was like to be there.

    I also record audio interviews with bands when I am interviewing them for a written piece.  I always ask the same standard questions, ala The Actors Studio. I think it helps people connect with the bands in a different way. Showcases their personality.

    I only have one audio interview so far, but plan to keep it up and amass this huge collection of audio interviews with the same standard questions so listeners can compare and contrast.

  11. norman

    how come evryone supported so far is american,i have no problems with amercans at all i have family there too and  im certainly  not a  racist… not at all im just wondering ?has this not been promoted in europe or anywhere else?or is it just a case of the usual scenario with this indusrty its not what you know its who??

  12. Damolee79

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  13. Deebzlenuz

    “MAN A SOLIDER” RingtoneTEXT DEEBZL4 TO 69937 FOR “PAPARAZZI” Ringtone

  14. damolee79

    “MAN A SOLIDER” RingtoneTEXT DEEBZL4 TO 69937 FOR “PAPARAZZI” Ringtone

  15. damolee79

    “MAN A SOLIDER” RingtoneTEXT DEEBZL4 TO 69937 FOR “PAPARAZZI” Ringtone

  16. damolee79

    “MAN A SOLIDER” RingtoneTEXT DEEBZL4 TO 69937 FOR “PAPARAZZI” Ringtone


    u guys have great ideas but yall sound to white bread… 4words SOUL!!! if u doin musiq u got it… let it shine threw.. dont be scared… love what yall doin tho.. stay grindin..NJ4LIFE…

  18. Hotbutteredbland

    Ok, well here’s a project i’ve kind of already started. There are no funny songs anymore. And I don’t mean the kind performed by Victoria Wood or the “Two Ronnies I’m in drag, better drop an innuendo in” kind either.

    Just some songs that make you laugh. I used to listen to an irish band in the 80s called Stump. They had a song called ‘buffalo’ and my friend and i were in tears laughing – not because of the lyrics but the music. It was absolutely mad. So, I’ve got a group called ‘the way of the giraffe’ which is looking for as many humorous songs as possible: lyrically, musically, whatever…

    There’s already some rare ones already posted but I’d love to get together a community of people who all share one thing: a sense of humour. Music and comedy in the mainstream rarely works or rarely has any longevity, but in the recesses of Soundcloud, there are people out there; Mr Dodo is one example.

    So how about a community of people nuttier than a nut cutlet and rarer than a shaved badger. Yeah!


  19. Jonni

    you get that feeling coz you feel it could always be better, thats a good sign tho … it means your music is constantly growing… just keep making music that sounds good in ur ears. If it does then it’ll definitely sound good in someone else’s.

  20. Zachary Self

    My thoughts exactly, but you meant to say four “letters” ;) 

    Where is the soul these days? The honesty? People have learned the computers and they can play the instruments, but they haven’t mastered how to evoke an emotional response, which all the “greats” understood either consciously or subconsciously. 

    Many “Soundclouders” I hear seem to make music for what they could get out of it (i.e. fame, fortune, laid etc.) and not because it’s a cathartic and an honest way to express themselves. I resent this, but accept it. However, I won’t be buying their music. Peeeeece. 

  21. Majed Salih

    wakeup people this is a virtual network that cant do me a thing on te
    real life , well yea i use soundcloud but should i be popular threw
    soundcloud ? its always like that  , well no one will notice you on a
    free account so go upgrade to post on more groups , have more space ,
    up-upgrade (hej) well u have unlimited space . . . .etc ,Pay is the word
    so you should always pay to get something on these networks , (u are
    losing to make them reach to rich ,) leave it and another person will do
    the same .  .. etc these companies are causing the global economic
    fallen and they will maybe , keep acting like that and our world will be
    worst and worst (im including) people who dream a lot hh , well beside
    that our younge people are always followed by surreal stories of success
    and chance hunting events , ok cool , now the fellows as they call
    themselves are just people like me and you who are trying in a bazaar
    way to get more population to this network (as the facebook Author did
    and yea he got it coz of us) , the next step wont be better till they
    raise up the paying envelops so ,go pay your taxe of fame . …..well i know nothing is free , but dont break the wall cause of that !

  22. Alexxa B

    I’m gonna start making funny songs for kids with videos, written quite a few, gotta film them too. Actually some of my songs I sing with my band Dirty Neon Blue are quite funny when we perform them…check us out on youtube, my channel is alexaflexab…Get in your Car and Book of the Month!!

  23. Alexxa B

    Hi I’m Alexxa B. I used to work for Sound Sense, we promoted community music. I think music has the power to bring people together and enable them to be heard. Music can also lift your sould spiritually. I love it when people develop as musicians or singers, I benefited a lot from being in choirs and songwriting classes and from my recent studying at Acccess to Music in Brighton.

    I wanna make music that’s a bit experimental, breaks down barriers and challenges expectations, makes you think if you listen to my lyrics, makes you feel good sometimes, but I also want to create music that people really like! Soundcloud is the most accessible site for uploading tracks and work in progress and getting feedback from followers. There’s a real sense of community already and I really like the idea of this new community fellowship programme.

  24. Adam DiTroia

    Great idea and I’m excited to hear about it! I’m a composer and sound designer for media (games, tv, film, mobile, animation, etc). I’m always collecting and manipulating sounds as part of my work. I would like to start recording and archiving historical Pennsylvania landmarks. I would record, edit, and archive places like the Liberty Bell, Steamtown Train Museum, the coal mines, and many others. That’s my idea anyway :) Thanks.

  25. Walter Omedè

    Amazing initiative this one. I’m starting with this project, hope it can get official:


    City Remix es un esfuerzo colaborativo para crear una colección de clips de audio de una ciudad en específico (empezando por la Ciudad de México).
    En conjunto, conformarán una imagen sonora del lugar seleccionado; una
    gran manera de conocer su vida cotidiana, cultura y peculiaridades.

    También, los clips pueden ser usados para crear música y cualquier
    clase de piezas artísticas o producciones audiovisuales. Te pedimos que remezcles estas grabaciones, las reorganices y crees algo bello y sorprendente, que podamos compartir aquí mismo.

    Espero estés dispuesto a compartir y colaborar, para que hagamos este movimiento más y más grande.

    ¿Preguntas? ¿Contacto? http://about.me/Walta



    City Remix is a collaborative effort to collect as many audio clips from a specific city as possible (starting with Mexico City).
    They together, will become a sonic image of the selected location; a
    great way to know about its everyday life, culture, and peculiarities.

    Also, the clips can be used to create music and any kind of artistic pieces or audiovisual productions. We encourage you to remix these recordings, rearrenge them and create something beautiful and amazing, that can be shared back here.

    I hope you are willing to collaborate and share here, so we can make this movement grow bigger.

    Questions? Contact? http://about.me/Walta


  26. David Noël

    This is really cool, Walter!

    We’ll push this through our channels and will keep an eye out how it moves forward. Would be great if you keep us updated and I’d recommend to also upload artwork image for the group.


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