SoundCloud SoundCloud Local: Istanbul

Photo taken by PS_pause, found on Flickr

SoundCloud Local this week is going in for a closer listen to some SoundCloud users based in the largest city in Turkey. Below, check out five extremely talented users from the city, Istanbul.

Dogac Yavuz, otherwise known as Polimat, composes soundtracks for games and much more. He has some very cool compositions and you can hear most of them below. Go on and follow him over on SoundCloud to catch his updates! You can also follow what he’s up to over on his Twitter account.

Murat Esmer
Murat Esmer is a soundtrack and cinematic musician. After being in various musical projects playing bass guitar and drums, he started his own musical career making ambient and electronic tracks. He’s also continuing his own path with experimental projects, original video art and soundtrack scores.

Yasin Yavuz
Yasin Yavuz is another composer, producer, and sound designer living in Istanbul. He likes to produce for film scores, and classical/electronic music. And he has his own symphonic orchestra in his own studio ;) He’s so far released two albums: one called Epic Journey and the other Action Drums:Trailer Percussion!

Music producer from and based in Istanbul, Sarp Yilmaz likes to do things like producing electronic “high time” records and such! He’s into cats and punk rock, and if you’re looking for a heavy bass, you’ve found the right set to listen to below. Have a listen to Sarp!

Can Kazaz
Here’s another SoundCloud user born and raised in Istanbul! His name’s Uluğ Can Kazaz and he started playing the keyboard at the age of 5! In high school, he concentrated on computer based music production, starting with hip-hop! He produced some beats, gained lots of attention and the rest is below!

Don’t forget that we also had two SoundClouder of the Day alumni from Istanbul who go by the names of Planet King and Ordinary Breakfast!

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If you’re in Istanbul, join the SoundCloud Local group and submit your tracks!

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