Fun Friday: Meet Anne Hagemann

Fun Friday: Meet Anne Hagemann

This week please help me welcome German native Anne to the office!

Hej Anne! Wie gehts?

Hervorragend, danke.

First, welcome to the SoundCloud team in berlin! Can you tell us what your role entails and what you enjoy most about it so far?

Thank you! I am the new Office Assistant in the Berlin office. My job is to make sure that everyone here in the office has what they need to work properly. That includes things like keeping people happy with a choice of drinks and nice fresh fruit, as well as helping them with paperwork and stuff. It’s really about getting and keeping things organized.

I have a feeling you are pretty familiar with Berlin and Germany in general, where are you from?

Yup, I know Berlin quite well, although I’m not technically from Berlin. I was born in Leipzig, but have lived in or near Berlin since I was two years old. So apart from a one-year stint in New Zealand, I’ve been here pretty much my whole life.

What are your favorite things to do in Berlin?

Being a bit of rock chic, I love going to concerts. There’s a great mix of really small and bigger, more commercial venues, so you can see small alternative bands as well as big names. Also, now, in summer, pretty much everything is fun in Berlin – sitting in a park or near the Spree, hanging with friends, drinking a nice cold beer, going to open-air parties… Summer is definitely the best season in Berlin!

How were you introduced to SoundCloud?

I first went on SoundCloud about a year ago because one of my favorite band posted their new songs there. After checking out the site, I thought that SoundCloud would probably be a pretty cool place to work at. One year later, when I was looking for a new job, I was on SoundCloud again and went to the job site, actually not hoping for much. But there it was: “Office Assistant” – and here I am now :)

What do you like most about being a part of the SoundCloud team?

As most people in the office, I’m very passionate about music and it’s great to combine work with what you love. Also, I felt very welcome right from the start. Everyone was really friendly and open. What’s also very important to me: Even though my job isn’t the most high brow or technically difficult, I feel that the work I do is very much appreciated, and that’s just awesome – thanks you guys and gals!! :)

What are your favorite sounds you have found while scouring SoundCloud?

Latest tracks by Flashguns

These are Flashguns, a young English band, one of my favorite bands, and pretty much the reason why I work at SoundCloud now.

Dustin O’ Halloran – Vorleben – Compilation – 130701 by FatCat Records

Dustin O’Halloran is an American composer and pianist, signed to an English label and now living in Berlin… and he does some lovely piano music.

And in general, Fat Cat Records is a great source for music cause they’ve got a bit of everything from classic to electronic and indie rock.

Finally, do you have any fun facts that we should know about?

I “suffer” from the holy trinity of non-lethal, but very annoying health ailments: lactose intolerance, an allergy against dust mites, and an underactive thyroid. But don’t worry – I’m a still very cheerful person ;)

Where can we find you on the interwebz?

I don’t have Twitter or a blog/website, but this is me on Soundcloud:

Thanks Anne!

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